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2021 New Technology in Breast Pumps - Spectra Synergy Gold SG Dual Powered Breast Pump -

We were first notified of the latest innovation in breast pumping technology at the end of 2020 and have been waiting to get our hands on their incredible new breast pump, the Spectra Synergy Gold .  This pump has dual power, not to confused with just dual or double pumping.  It actually allows the breasts to be stimulated independently so you can increase the speed and/or suction on the lazy breast to encourage more milk extraction.  This type of technology is what double pumps were going for when they were first invented by Einar Egnell, founder of the Ameda Egnell company back in 1942.  But not much has changed in this field other than portability and speed.  Dual electric pumps became smaller, faster, more portable and some are even wearable. As I said, not much has changed, until now! What is different about the Spectra Synergy Gold Breast Pump is that is had dual motors that operate independently.  Why is that helpful?  Double pumping increases prolactin for increased milk produ
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Breastfeeding Positions: Laid Back, Side-Lying, Cross-Cradle, Football Hold

I recently came across some great diagrams and information on breastfeeding positions from a Chinese source!  Their hospital authority breastfeeding promotion committee had these wonderful images and descriptions to offer, so I had to share! I added the American names for the transitional position as Cross-Cradle Hold and underarm position as Football Hold, but the rest is straight from  Happy Reading! Tanya   Laid back position The mother is to lean back and be well supported on a bed or couch. When putting the baby on the mother's chest, gravity will keep him / her in position and the body molded to the mother's. Have the mother’s head, back and elbows well supported with cushions / pillows. Let the baby’s cheek rest somewhere near the mother's bare breast. The whole front of the baby’s body should touch the mother's whole front. The baby can rest in a position that the mother likes, just making sure that his / her whole front is ag

How to Increase Milk Supply - From Galactagogues to Good Latch and Pumping to Pacifiers plus More!

How to increase milk supply is something most moms want to know at one time or another during their breastfeeding journey and with good cause.  Whether a growth spurt or just life circumstances in general have you feeling like you are behind in production, it can happen.  Today, I want to outline not only how to increase breast milk supply, but also how to protect your milk supply so you don't have to play catch up. Feed on demand and don't delay feedings. Breast milk is produced by supply and demand or should I say, demand and then supply.  Feeding frequently and in full (fully emptying breasts) protects your milk supply from sudden dips. Growth spurts are waves that should be ridden.  In other words an infant who is 10 days to 3 weeks of age will begin his first growth spurt and instead of nursing 8 time per day will nurse 11-12 times per day.  If you are exclusively pumping, you should increase your pumping sessions to match this for 5 days in a row every time a growth spurt

Black Friday Breastfeeding Sale 2020 Starts Now!

This year has been hard on everyone so for the first time EVER,                                          Lactation Connection is hosting a WEB-BUSTER  Black Friday Sale                                                  with breastfeeding products and accessories starting at just 99 ¢ The items that are under $1 include Spectra Breast Shields in 24mm and 28m size, Pumpin' Pal Air Dry Bags to store and dry your breast pump parts, Bravado Conversion Kits to change your nursing bra into a bra you can wear for years to come, Ameda Breast Milk Storage bottles and more! Other items on sale include JuJuBe bags and cooler carriers, Spectra and Ameda breast pumps, Amamante Nursing Bras, Pajamas and Nightgowns just to name a few. These web-buster prices won't last, but we are giving our readers early access to this Black Friday Breastfeeding Sale! Shop now for best selection! A few of our sale items are shown here, click to shop now for these deals and more!

Sterilizing and Cleaning your Pumpin' Pal Breast Pump Parts

One question moms ask is about cleaning their breast pump parts, specifically after-market parts that have been purchased to enhance their pumping experience.  A customers favorite is the Pumpin' Pal Super Shield because this pumping accessory allows for a wider range of breast flange sizes and also allow mom to sit back and pump due to its angled design.  But once the investment has been made in these, you do want to clean them properly to prolong the life of your breast pump parts. Below are the recommendations from the manufacturer. " Pumpin’ Pal Super Shields are made of BPA-free medical grade polypropylene and High Grade Platinum Silicone. Both can be boiled ( do not let them sit on the bottom of the pan! ) and steamed using a steam bag but that should only be done prior to first time use.    Caution : If microwaved too long to the point the water is steamed away, the parts may melt and become deformed. A couple of minutes of steam is plenty. From then on these products

Best Microwave Sterilizer Bags for Baby Bottle and Breast Pump Parts

Especially in 2020 when viruses run rampant, moms want to know how to sterilize their breast pump parts.  Boiling was always an issue because it is so easy to get busy taking care of the baby and leave the breast pump parts boiling on the stove so long that they melt.  Microwave sterilization was the answer!  Back in the day, there was only one Microwave Sterilizer Bag made specifically for breast pumps and parts.  No, it was not the Medela QuickClean.  It was made by a breast pump company no longer in business called White River.  Of course, their bag was soon copied by Medela and others.  But as in most things, they are not all comparable.  The question is which bag is best?  Which holds the most?  Which is the made with the safest thick BPA free plastic?  Which bags are the best value for your money? Here are our top picks! #1 Ameda CleanEase - These bags are our favorite because of the superior RCPP thick plastic which is safer to use than thinner types of plastic, the easy slide


If you have general tenderness or even trauma from a specific feeding, over the counter nipple creams such as lanolin cream or Motherlove Nipple Cream are very effective.  But if you have ongoing soreness which cannot be resolved by a corrected latch, Dr Jack Newman has formulated an all-purpose nipple ointment or APNO cream that is a life-saver. Copied with permission, the information below is essential in getting a prescription witten for this cream as it does contain ingredients not found in any over the counter formulas. There is a link in the information below or you can search for the term "compounding pharmacy near me" in order to locate a pharmacy that can make the formula once your doctor has written the following RX: Mupirocin ointment 2%, 15 grams Betamethasone ointment 0.1%, 15 grams Add miconazole powder to a concentration of 2% miconazole Combined yeild about 30 grams Directions:  Apply sparingly. Do not wash or wipe off. Here is to nursing in comfo