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Spectra Flange Sizes

Not only is getting the right breast pump important, but so is getting the right flange size.  If you pump regularly, using the correct breast shield size aids in adequate milk production.  With the increasing popularity of Spectra breast pump, we want moms to have the information as to what sizes are available and how you can purchase them.

Spectra Standard Breast Shield - 24mm
The 24mm breast flange was included with your Spectra breast pump including the S1 and Spectra S2 breast pump.  If you are pumping comfortably with this flange and there is room on one side of the flange shaft for freedom of movement, the standard size works for you.  The Spectra 24MM breast shield can be purchased in the following ways:

Spectra 24MM Breast Shield - Single (breast shield only)
Spectra 24MM Breast Shield Set - includes breast shield, valve, tubing and backflow protector
Spectra 24MM Premium Accessory Kit - breast shield, valve, tubing, backflow protector, bottle set
Spectra 24MM Double Pump Kit - 2…
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Lactation Connection Offers Spectra Corporate Lactation Workplace Program

Since the release of the new Spectra S3PRO, Lactation Connection is now able to offer companies of any size an affordable Corporate Lactation Program that can increase employee productivity.  The Spectra S3Pro is an FDA cleared multiuser breast pump with a three year warranty and full functionality for dual pumping with twelve levels and up to 70 cycles per minute.

Lactation Rooms Benefit Employees and Companies
Business site corporate lactation rooms help keep your employees working with less missed days due to frustration in finding a time and place to pump and a greatly reduced incidence of illness due to breastmilk in their children which means moms take fewer sick days to care for their babies. Companies who offer lactation support programs for new mothers found that their employee retention rate was 94%. In summary the following benefits are noteworthy.
Reducing the risk of some health issues for women and childrenDecreasing employee absences associated with caring for a sick chil…

Can you pump directly into bags with Spectra Motif Hygeia and Lansinoh Bag Adapter?

Moms who store breastmilk in the freezer know that breast milk storage bags are the most space saving efficient way to stockpile your breastmilk.  But did you know that pumping into bottles and then transferring the milk to storage bags looses some of the fat meant for your baby?

Small amounts of fat cling to the side of the bottle and never make it to the storage bags.  The more times you transfer your breast milk from one container to the other causes more and more of the healthy fat to be lost.

The solution is pumping directly into the breast milk storage bags.  But how do you pump into storage bags such as Spectra?  While there may be hacks to rig your bag to your pump, they are not worth crying over spilled milk.  The most secure way we have found is a breast milk storage bag adapter.  It works with popular wide mouth breast flanges such as Spectra, Motif Duo, Motif Luna and Ameda Mya.  It attaches very well to common breast milk storage bags like Lansinoh and Nuk and works great…

Which Nursing Supplies are FSA HSA Eligible? - FSA HSA Breastfeeding Supplies Eligible List

One of the questions we often get is, "Can I use my HSA credit card to purchase breastfeeding supplies?" or "Which nursing supplies are eligible to buy with my FSA card?".  You can use your HSA or FSA card to buy breastfeeding supplies but you do need to purchase from a DME, durable medical equipment supplier such as Lactation Connection.  Health spending accounts and savings accounts are great to use for breastfeeding accessories, but you will want to know which supplies are eligible.

Here is a list of  FSA and HSA eligible items:

Breastmilk Storage Bags Breastmilk Storage Bottles Breastpump Accessory Set Breastpump Bags
Breastpump Battery Pack
Breastpump tubing Breastmilk Cooler Set
Breastpump Breastshields (all sizes and brands)
Hands Free Bustier (all sizes and colors)
Lactation Aid Feeding Tubes Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags Nipple Cream
Nursing Pads Portable Vehicle Lighter Adapter Replacement Valves (all types) Replacement Valve Membranes
Please note that LCFSA and DC…

Haakaa Breast Pump - Breast Milk Catcher

Whether you are using a double electric breast pump for work or exclusively breastfeeding at home, having a breast milk catcher is beneficial.

In the first six to eight weeks postpartum your breast milk supply has not yet regulated.  Using a silicone breast pump as to catch milk on the opposite breast is a great way to improve milk supply and begin storing milk for upcoming work or emergencies.  Many exlusively nursing mothers have called us with questions as to how to get a stash for an unforseen trip or medical procedure.

A silicone breast pump, when used properly is a great tool.  To use the Haakaa Breast Pump, squeeze out the air.  Then make sure you are establishing a seal with the flexible flange by everting the mouth of the flange, much like you would roll a pair of socks.  Then as you place the silicone breast pump on the breast empty of air, the suction will be created and the lips of the flange will roll back into place and securely onto the breast.  Watching the How to Use …

How to Clean, Store and Dry Breast Pump Parts

Believe it or not, there is a wrong way and a right way to clean and store your breast pump parts.
Certain practices can actually damage your parts, increase your chances of a yeast infection and
make it difficult to pump comfortably.

Let's start with what NOT to do.

1.  Never, ever use a bottle brush on your bottles or breast pump parts.  Bristles on bottle brushes
can cause fine scratches and these micro grooves can harbor yeast spores.  And you don't want to know how many microbes of bacteria sponges have so using a bottle brush with a sponge tip is not the answer.  Your best defense is rinsing immediately after use, but if you did not get to it, use a clean paper or cloth towel and a spoon to push it around at the bottom if necessary.

2.  If using boiling water to sterilize, don't boil the breast pump parts as long as you boil the water.  The water should come to a boil first and then put the parts you are sterilizing in for just 3-5 minutes.
This not only helps you not…

Authentic Spectra Breast Pump Parts: How to Spot Genuine or Fake

If you have been to a lactation consultant or breastfeeding class, you will hear the importance of  maintaining your breast pump, especially if you are a working or exclusively pumping mother. So why spend a little extra on genuine breast pump parts?  Or another question we get is how can I tell if I am buying authentic Spectra parts?

1.  Buy from a reputable company and not one that has multiple sellers that they cannot control.  Companies like Lactation Connection have beens serving nursing mothers since 1993 so when you see a brand listed on their products, you can be assured that is the brand you are getting.  In addition, they work closely with the manufacturer, so if there is ever a warranty issue you are getting quick and accurate contact information and a liaison to help you get the items replaced if necessary.
2.  Examine your parts.  You will see the Spectra brand embossed on certain parts such as the Spectra breast shields and white duckbill Spectra valves.   The Spectra ba…