Monday, January 15, 2018

Boobie Bars Lactation Bars - How Does Your Milk Supply Benefit

Lactation herbs have been used for centuries to help moms increase milk supply.  One problem is that the dosage is hard to regulate between brands.  Brands like Boobie Bars have a proprietary blend of herbs in the appropriate dosage to help moms increase milk supply.  Moms generally report 1.5-4.5 ounces increase per day when consoming at least one Boobie Bar per day.  In addition, moms need calories to make milk.  It takes an additional 500 calories per day for your body to produce breast milk.  What better way to add calories that benefit both the caloric needs and the specific herbs that have been identified as galactagogues to increase milk supply than supplements that are not only helpful, but delicious like Boobie Bars. And Moms really seem to love the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip variety! Try a box of these lactation bars to see how you like them or buy a one month supply of Boobie Bars with free shipping from Lactation Connection to get the most bang for your buck.

Wendy Colson, founder of Boobie Bars appeared on Shark Tank on January 14, 2018 and obtained a deal from Daymon John for $150,000.  We can't wait to see how many more moms will benefit from this breastfeeding supplement!

Here is to a boost in your milk supply!~

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Get Breastfeeding Help - Lactation Connection Celebrates 25 Years Serving Nursing Mothers since 1993!

Happy New Year!  Lactation Connection has been serving nursing mothers since 1993 so we are celebrating our 27th year in business in 2018.  In honor of this event, we are launching a new program to answer your breastfeeding questions.  You will be able to email me directly and have
25 years of breastfeeding experience tailored to your situation.

Just copy and paste the following into an email and fill out the information so that I can assist you
in the best way possible!

What is your baby’s birth date and birth weight?
What was your baby’s age and weight at last weigh-in?
How often (include specifics on number of times per day and how long)
are you putting the baby to the breast?
How often (include time of day and number of minutes) are you pumping?

How many wet and dirty diapers does your baby have in 24 hours?

What color are the stools?
What specific breast pump do you have?
If you are exclusively pumping, how many ounces are you getting per day?
If you are supplementing, how many ounces and at what age did you start
to supplement?
What breastfeeding concerns do you have?
Are there any health concerns with you or your baby? (ie infant tounge tie,
maternal diabetes, etc.)
Have you taken any herbal supplements or lactation cookies? If so, be specific
on brand and dosage.

Happy Nurturing!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Breast Sheild Size - How Your Breast Pump Flange Affects Your Milk Supply

One of the most common breastfeeding questions we get is regarding a mom's breast pump.  What breast shield size will work best?  Choosing the correct breast pump flange is even more essential than choosing the correct nursing bra size, although both are important.  The figure below shows what a correct fitment inside your breast pump flange should look like.

It is imperative that there is enough room to draw the nipple into the flange so that the areola is compressed where the lactiferous sinuses are located.  As you can see from the image below, the lactifeous sinuses are located about an inch behind the nipple.  

This is where the majority of the milk pools before milk ejection which is why it is essential to compress the sinuses properly when pumping.  If the flange is too small, the nipple is compressed and not the milk sinuses.  

If the breast shield you received with your breast pump does not fit properly as in the first image, you need to seek out the correct size as soon as possible.  When the nipple is drawn into the flange, there should be adequate room on one or both sides of the nipple.  If not, examine your nipple at rest prior to pumping.  What is the diameter of the nipple?  Using an everyday object like a coin can help you determine diameter.  The image below will offer coin size comparion and tips on how to measure.

If you nipple is the size of a penny or even a nickle, the standard breast shield size that came with your electric breast pump may work for you.  This is because some of the brands offer a slightly larger flange than the 24 mm commonplace breast pumps such as Medela.  For example, Ameda breast pumps include an Ameda 25 mm breast pump flangeHygeia breast pumps include a Hygeia 27 mm breast pump flange.  ARDO includes an ARDO 26 mm breast shell flange.

But if your nipple fitment looks or feels too tight or if you can visually see that your nipple diameter is larger than a nickel, you will need to purchase a larger breast flange right away.  The following manufacturer's offer custom breast pump flange sizes for your convenience:

Ameda Custom Fit Breast Flanges in M/L breast flange that fit 28.5-30.5mm or L/XL 32.5-36 mm

Spectra 28 mm breast shields and Spectra 32 mm breast shields

ARDO 26 mm breast shells and 28-31 mm breast shells (AKA breast shields or breast flanges) and even an XXL ARDO 36 mm breast shell

For brands like Medela or Rumble Tuff, we recommend using Pumpin' Pal Super Shields so that you get the benefit of a better fitment and can avoid back strain due to leaning forward while pumping without an angled breast sheild.

What if your breast shield is too large?  Inserts are available from several manufacturers to make your breast flange smaller.  If your nipple diameter is the size of a dime or if too much of the areola is being drawn into the breast shield, try an insert.  Some manufacturers even offer a silicone massaging insert which actually helps with milk let down.  Spectra offers the Spectra Silicone Massager which reduces their standard breast shield to Spectra 19-21 mm.  ARDO offers a ARDO 22 mm breast shell insert or the ARDO 26 mm Optiflow Massaging Insert for use with the ARDO 31 mm breast flangeAmeda offer the Ameda Flexishield which is a 21 mm massaging insert that will fit both Ameda and Medela breast shields.  I have seen moms pump an extra ounce of breast milk when using a Flexishield massaging insert.  This is due in part to the correct size for better milk sinus compression, but also because silicone massaging inserts like the Ameda Flexishield, Spectra Massager or ARDO Optiflow massage the areola much like the peristaltic wave of the infant's tounge when the baby is at the breast.  This action tends to assist the let down reflex.  Other breast pump manufacturers such as Hygeia, Rumble Tuff, Medela, and Bailey can be used with the Pumpin' Pal Small and Pumpin' Pal X-Small Super Shields.  The Pumpin' Pal small and x-small Super Shields yeild some let down assistance as well due the movement of a flexible silicone breast shield.  

Buying the correct size breast flange is as essential for milk supply as changing your valves, diaphragms or filters on your breast pump to maintain proper suction.  In addition, if the breast flange is uncomfortable, moms tend to pump less and wean sooner.  Here's to hoping this information impowers you to keep on breastfeeding and pumping!

Happy Pumping!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Black Friday Breastfeeding Deals! - Cyber Monday Nursing Bra Sale and more!

     It's that time of year again.  The time when Lactation Connection has it's best sale of the year:  Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  Sale starts early so, the best selection for the Black Friday Sale starts now.

With breastfeeding deals starting at .99 cents and prices up to 70% off, this is the time to shop for the nursing mother.  Stock up on nursing bras under $10.  And true to Lactation Connection form, bras aren't just for the small busted mama.  There are $10 nursing bras for sizes up to H cup and band sizes 42, 44 and even 50 for our curvier mamas.  Get a great deal on breast milk storage bags and bottle labels at 35-50% off!

Quality brands on sale like Bravado Designs, Amamante Nursingwear and La Leche League are on sale now.  As well as breast pumps from ARDO that make great gifts.  Speaking of gift, what a great time to get a jump on Christmas shopping.  And what new mom wouldn't love a nursing nightgown or nursing pajamas under the tree?   You can even choose a gift-boxed sleepwear set to send directly to the new mother.  Gift box is finished off with a red tulle bow to capture the holiday spirit.

Here are a few of the breasfeeding deals you can get while supplies last!  There are pajama pants, nursing bras, and breast milk storage solutions under $10.  

And lots of options up to 70% off under $25 including Breast Milk Cooler Totes, nursing nightgowns, manual breast pumps and Bravado Bras!

Need more choices?  Take advantage of the savings on our best-selling Bravado Nursing Bras!

Quantities are limited so shop now for best selection!

Happy Black Friday!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Best in Plus Size Maternity Nursing Wear

Packing your hospital bag is not as easy when you are a curvy mama!  There are several multi-purpose styles that can really help get you ready for baby and extend your maternity and nursing wardrobe.

My first recommendation is a quality nursing bra.  If you are a plus size mom with smaller breasts, my recommendation is the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra in size 2X.  This bra is a great transitional nursing bra as it fits multiple cup sizes for your changing shape.  The 2X nursing bra size in this super comfortable seamless nursing bra with removable foam pads works well for the following bra sizes.  42DD, 44DD, 444D and 46DD.  If you are a DDD ie F cup or larger, there are more supportive options in your size.

For our bustier mamas, the Bravado Embrace Nursing Bra is a great choice.  While it is a soft cup no wire nursing bra, it has a proprietary fabric that holds it's shape and your shape beautifully!  Although not technically a plus size nursing bra, the 36 band nursing mom who is well endowed can benefit from this bra as well since it is available in 36JK and 36LM nursing bra size as 40D/E, 42D/E, 44D/E and 44F/G.

Another great option that is priced for every budget is the La Leche League Jacquard Nursing Bra. This bra is perfect for the F, G and H cup nursing moms.  Lactation Connection has a special purchase price of below $20 on their LLL nursing bras, so now is the time to snag your bra. Keep in mind that since the LLL Jacquard Nursing Bra is not a multi-cup nursing bra to fit more than one size like the Bravado Embrace, don't go up a size as the molded cups may be too big.   La Leche League also offers style 4315 which is a lined wire free nursing bra in sizes up to 42DDD/F

Next, you will want to shop for a great nursing nightgown or pajama set.  Most brands don't accommodate curvy moms well and with sizing all over the place, it is hard to buy online.  We offer Amamante Nursingwear which is sized by bust for the nursing nightgowns and both bust and pant size for the nursing pajamas making it easy to order online. These fit so well that we rarely get returns on these nursing nightgowns and pajamas.  Amamante's styles offer a built in sleep bra with enough support for sleepwear and to keep nursing pads in place while you sleep!  Available in sizes 2X and 3X for our curvier moms.  Choose the Signature Nursing Gown or Belleza Nursing Nightgown in 2X if your bust size is 40DD-42DD.  If you are a 40DDD/F, go up a size to the 3X which fits  40F, 42DD-44DD.   For the pajama pants, size 2X fits 20/22 and 3X fits 24/26.  Sold as nursing pajama sets or separates if you need a different size for your nursing top vs your pajama bottom!

Here's hoping these selections make you feel like the beautiful nursing mama you are!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Bravado Nursing Bra Clearance

It doesn't happen very often, but once in a great while we need to clear out premium brands to make room for more inventory!  This is currently the case with the best-selling Bravado Designs Nursing Bras in select styles and colors.

As of today, September 8,  2017 this is what we have in stock that you can get at a great bargain. Take an additional 15% off these styles with coupon code EXTRA15 while supplies last!

Bravado Original Nursing Bras 
1012 S+ Butterscotch, White
1012 M+ Black
1012 L+ Black, Butterscotch, White
1012 XL+ Black, Butterscotch, White
1013 S++ Butterscotch
1013 M++ Black
1013 L++ White
1013 XL++ Black, Butterscotch, White
Bravado Body Silk Nursing Bras - Select Colors
1401 S Pink Ice
1401 XL Garnet Red, Pink Ice
1436 Yoga S Charcoal
1436 Yoga XL Charcoal
Bravado Sublime Nursing Bra
131 32DE French Vanilla
131 32FG French Vanilla
Bravado Embrace Nursing Bra - Select Colors
122 32DE Black
122 32FG White
122 34BC Black
122 34DE White
125 36DE Coral
125 36FG Coral
122 36LM White
125 38DE Coral
125 38FG Coral
122 40DE Black
122 42DE Black
Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra
125 32DE Chai
125 36HI Ivory
Bravado Allure Underwire Nursing Bra
160 32FG Chai
160 36FG Chai

Use Coupon Code EXTRA15 while supplies last!!!…/1922.htm

Hope this give you a lift!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Storing Breastmilk: Protecting the Fat Content in Breast Milk

Every mama wants a fat and healthy breastfed baby.  I always love seeing thunder thighs on an infant, but while this may be moms goal, you need to take into consideration the infants personal growth curve which is also affected by their genes.  If mom and dad are very trim, we may not need to expect rolls of fat on our infants.  Breastfed Infant Growth Charts need to be observed by nursing mamas.  If your pediatrician's office has given you one that has a formula company brand on it, this can undermine your perception of a successful growth rate in your infant.  If your infant was in the 15% at 8 weeks, don't expect them to be in the 50th percentile as they grow.  As long as your infant has not been diagnosed with low weight gain or slow weight gain, they should continue to grow at that pace.  While gaining weight, they should remain in a similar percentile throughout the chart as they age.

Having said that, there are things that we do that can undermine the fat content in our breast milk. One occurs if there is hyper-lactation or overproduction of breast milk and the infant fills up on foremilk while nursing at the breast.  If your baby has green or frothy stools, this may indicate a hindmilk imbalance.  Some suggested remedies are to put the baby back on the initial breast after burping instead of moving onto the second breast.  The downside to this is if the second breast is not emptied, you may get plugged milk ducts so if you are trying this remedy, palpate the unused breast and if any areas are hard, express that breast with a quality breast pump.  Another remedy is to use the pump for 2-3 minutes of double pumping prior to the feeding to take off some of the foremilk.

Another way, we can increase the fat content in breast milk is for the pumping mama.  If you are expressing milk into a bottle, pouring that into a bag and then back into a bottle for feeding, you are loosing fat!  The fatty milk clings to the sides of each container losing small amounts every time you transfer your milk.  The solution is to pump into whatever container from which you are going to feed the baby.  Many breast pump manufacturers offer standard universal threading such as Ameda so that you can pump into standard bottles.  Others such as Hygeia and Spectra offer a bottle adapter.   Bottle adapters allow you can pump into standard bottles or if you prefer the wide mouth bottles, you can use purchase bottle sets with nipples such as Hygeia bottles or use the popular Avent nipples with Spectra bottles.

Breastmilk Bandit offers no mess bottle labels to help you use your bottles for expression, storage and feeding.  These breast milk storage labels stick to themselves, not the bottle so you can remove them at will.  They are very economical and help you use bottles rather than bags which is optimal unless you are feeding from a bag in bottle system.  Unfortunately, those are few and far between that can be pumping into directly and then fit into the bottle housing.  If you are doing this successfully, please feel free to comment on which type you are using and how it is working for you as the goal is to help moms get more fat into their babies.

Here is to the one time fat is a good thing!