Tuesday, June 6, 2017

If your Breast Flange Size Reducing Your Milk Supply?

If you have the wrong breast flange size, it can greatly reduce your output when your are pumping and decreasing the amount of milk extracted signals your body to produce less milk!
There are a lot of things you can save money on when you are breastfeeding, but getting the right size flanges and replacing essentials like valve and filters is not the place to scrimp as both those things can greatly reduce your milk supply.  I have created an image to help you determine your nipple size.  Use this as a guide to buying the correct breast flange size no matter what brand you have.  Some brands don't have a full range of sizes, which is why Pumpin' Pal is perfect!  Not only do their Super Shields help you lean back and save your back while you are pumping, their breast flanges now come in sizes from x-small 15mm to x-large that fit up to 40mm nipple diameter.  Remember the nipple diameter does not include the areola, just the nipple itself and it is easy to see when you have just finished nursing or pumping.

To find larger or smaller breast shields from Ameda, Spectra, Hygeia and ARDO, shop http://www.lactationconnection.com  

Here's is to happy pumping and more milk!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Making More Milk: Getting the Most out of Lactation Tea

I have been helping mothers breastfeed since 1993.  Long before Milkmakers Cookies and Boobie Bars, mother's milk tea has been around.  While lactation tea can be an effective way of helping boost your milk supply, it is important to know which ones are beneficial and if you are getting the most out of using them.

Fenugreek lactation tea can be very effective, but if using a tea bag, make sure you are steeping your tea for 15 minutes to get as much of the herb into your tea as needed.  You can then remove the bag and reheat the tea, or pour over ice for iced tea.  Manufacturer's recommend drinking three glasses a day for at least three days to see results.  One easy way to get the appropriate amount of fenugreek into your tea without the hassle, is the k-cup variety, Anna Naturals Nursing Mama Tea. Just place the kcup into your Keurig coffee maker for easy consistent dosage of milk-making herbs.

Other herbal lactation teas are such a pleasure to drink you won't need to remind yourself to drink more than one cup a day.  Milkmakers Lactation Tea are infused with nourishing herbs including oatstraw, nettle, and fennel to increase mom's milk supply.  And as a tea lover, I have had spa worthy tea brands that aren't nearly as tasty as the Milkmakers Coconut Lactation Tea.  If you love tea and you like the flavor of coconut, this will become your new favorite even after you baby weans!  This tea is more concentrated, so steep for 5-10 minutes.  The manufacturer recommends 2 cups per day for maximum results.

Here's to making more milk!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Breastfeeding: Benefits of Nipple Cream

There are many things sold out there that you do not need for breastfeeding.  One example are hot compresses.  They can be expensive upwards of $20 for an item you use temporarily.  My suggestion for this is a disposable baby diaper.  It is imperative to soften breasts that are engorged before feeding or pumping with warm compresses, but a baby diaper run under hot water can be very effective and costs about .50 cents each.

And while some moms only need expressed breast milk to soothe their breast, having a good nipple cream around can be a lifesaver.  I recommend purchasing a quality nipple cream prior to delivery. That way, you aren't sending your hubby to the grocery store in the middle of the night and he comes home with something with pesticides or other substances that can be harmful to the baby and not
helpful to you.

While HPA Lanolin has been the go-to nipple cream in the past, many companies such as Ameda have discontinued carrying this product.  Today moms prefer an all-natural approach.  While there are several all natural nipple creams out there, moms prefer the soothing of coconut oil.  Now, Breastmilk Bandit offers a Natural Nipple Cream from organic extra virgin coconut oil.  Coconut oil not only soothes and hydrates nipples, it offers anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that most nipple creams do not.

So what are the benefits of breast milk and nipple cream besides a soothing feel and hydration? According to research sited below, there is evidence that the presence of ‘epidermal growth factor’ in breast milk has potential therapeutic benefit in promoting the growth and repair of skin cells. Moist wound healing results in wounds healing 50% faster when the internal moisture of the skin is maintained.  So, save your money and don't buy a commercial breast compress; but instead put a moist wound healing all natural breast cream like Breastmilk Bandit Nipple Cream on your shopping for baby!

Happy Breastfeeding!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stay at Home Mom Jobs for Nursing Moms

While working outside the home and breastfeeding is an option due to efficient breast pumps that empty both breasts in just 10-15 minutes like the Hygeia EnJoye LBI and the Spectra S2 Breast Pump to name a few, many moms are opting to work from home.  Some companies are offering this option to their employees, however most moms have to look for ways to make money from home.
One such mom I know owns a business named Heart to Hand Crafts and makes signs from her home to supplement her families income.  This is not uncommon.  Being closer to your baby for feeding often helps moms breastfeed longer so moms are actively looking for jobs for stay at home moms.

As a mompreneur myself, I started Lactation Connection on my kitchen table in 1993.  Our business grew from at home to a retail location and then went online in 1999 and has continued to serve nursing mothers with quality products ever since.  One product stemmed from the need for nursing nightgowns and pajamas that were both beautiful and functional.  We couldn't find quality made in the USA nursingwear that served the need of keeping nursing pads in place, easy to pull down, but yet had a built in sleep bra since moms don't have time to get a shower until later in the day and need a bra for some support!  Out of this need Amamante Nursingwear was born in 2005.

Amamante has been sold across the USA in hospital boutiques, maternity and breastfeeding stores as well as online, but in 2017 it is about time we support the SAHM (stay at home mom) who wants to supplement her family's income.  To that end, we are introducing Party Packs.  Mom can purchase the Nursing Pajama Party Pack or the Nursing Lingerie Party Pack or both, throw a party for their expectant and breastfeeding friends and use the styles in the party pack for fitment and to fulfill orders.  This allows moms to have a risk free way of sharing their love of our nursingwear with other moms, make some extra cash and choose to become a full wholesale customer.  Party Packing Mamas make about 25% profit on their sales and can order single items with free shipping to send direct to their customers. Or they can become full retailers which allow them to purchase at our wholesale prices will low $100 and make even more profit.  This is also a great way for breastfeeding groups to do fundraisers for World Breastfeeding Week and other events.  Moms love to shop for a nursing nightgown and nursing pajamas that serves the function while making them feel beautiful.  And every mom needs a nursing bra in sizes to accommodate her changing shape that offer easy access and a comfortable fit.

To learn more about Amamante Nursingwear Party Packs, visit our Direct Sales Page.  If you have additional questions, give us a call M-F 10-4 CST at 800-779-5722.

Whether you work from home or outside the home, I just want to encourage you to continue to provide your baby with your liquid love!

Happy Nurturing!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Breastfeeding Gifts for New Moms

Shopping for an expectant or new mom?  Gift boxes and baskets are always a hit whether it is for a new baby, baby shower or even a Christmas or birthday gift.  Our favorite way of showering a new mom is with a re-usable gift box that can be used as a keepsake box for cards or even memorabilia like the first outfit, lock of hair, etc.

So now that you have the box, what goes inside?  Lactation Connection offers pre-packed gift boxes starting at $25 with lactation teas, cookies and boobie bars to help moms with nourishment and milk supply!  After all, what new mom isn't concerned about how much she has!  It is the top question, we get from new moms.

Milkmakers and MilkBooster Gift Boxes come in a variety of styles and flavor selection.  And if you are having your gift sent directly to the new mom our $6.99 shipping is a treat!  Or add a nursing gown by Amamante Nursingwear and as long as your order total is over $60 everything ships free.  Now that is a gift for mom, for baby and for you!  

Happy showering!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Black Friday Cyber Monday 20-70% OFF Breastfeeding Sale of the Year!

You will not believe the deals we are offering for our 2016 Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale at Lactation Connection!  This breastfeeding sale offers 20-70% OFF brands like Bravado, Amamante, La Leche League, Juno Blu, Snugabell PumpEase, ARDO, Hygeia and more!  Here are a few of the selections from this sale that contains over 50 breastfeeding essentials!

Select Bravado Nursing Bras are 20-50% OFF including Original, Alure, Embrace, Sublime, Sweet Pea and Bliss!

Designer breast pump cooler totes from June Blu 50% OFF!

Amamante Nursingwear nursing gowns and pajamas starting at $9.99 for sleep bras and separates and $19.99 for made in the USA breastfeeding sleepwear!  You won't get this quality at this price anywhere else!

ARDO Amaryll Breast Pump $19.99!!  This is an effective comfortable breast pump great for occasional and is compact enough to fit in a diaper bag for emergencies.

Hygeia Healthy Weight Baby Scale with memory for breast milk intake 30% OFF and includes free shipping!

Select Snugabell Toni Dresses $19.99 and PumpEase Hands free pumping bras $24.99!

If you are expecting or breastfeeding, you do not want to miss this once a year sale.  Shop early on 11/18/16 for the best selection.  These styles and products are only a sample of what is on our Black Friday Cyber Monday breastfeeding sale!  Prices only good while supplies last.  Sale dates 11/18-11/28 2016.

Happy Breastfeeding Black Friday!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Breastfeeding: Guide to Preparing for Breastfeeding

I have been asked to speak at an event at a Motherhood Maternity store in the next few weeks.  The topic, Preparing to Breastfeed.  There are many misconceptions about getting ready to breastfeed, but much of your success is about education.  You as a reader of this blog, are doing just that.  Getting a head start by getting information prior to delivery.  Knowing what is normal, what to expect and when to get help is essential.

Know Your Body

Watch for indicators that your body is getting ready to produce milk.  The most common is breast tissue growth.  Your breast should change and get larger before delivery.  You may or may not leak colostrum in the last trimester, but you should have some breast size change during the pregnancy.  

Check for flat or inverted nipples.  This is not a simple, look in the mirror exam.  You will need to put pressure with your thumb and index finger approximately 1" onto the areola (figure A) to see if your nipple protrudes or instead goes flat or hides when the areola is compressed (figure B).  

If you do find you have flat or inverted nipples, there are steps you can take.  If you are not at risk for pre-term labor, a nipple everter such as the Avent Niplette is a good option.  If you are high risk, then you will want to make sure you have a breast pump available for immediate use.  If you are waiting on an insurance pump, then purchase an inexpensive quality manual breast pump like the Ardo Amaryll.  This pump is a great value and can be used to evert the nipple prior to latch on by pumping for a few minutes before breastfeeding.  

Get Comfortable with Your Breasts

Common mistakes that moms make can lead to sore nipples so it is wise to know how to hold and support the breasts during feeding.  The C Hold is most commonly taught today, but many moms don't realize that the bottom half of the C is as important as the top.  Not only make sure that the thumb is not impeding the baby's latch on the areola, but make sure that the fingers underneath are not in the way as well.  It is very common for moms to have their fingers in the way so even when the baby wants to do a deep latch, they can only get so close due to the obstructive digits.   The image below shows the correct hold when latching the baby.

Don't Fall into Booby Traps

If you are getting advice such as you need to toughen up your nipples before breastfeeding, you need to think twice.  Much of the advice you get is anecdotal and not research based and some advice is simply just rooted in old wives tales.  Make sure the sources you are listening too are indeed breastfeeding experts.  (In the case of this blog, it is written by a retired international board certified lactation consultant with three children, two grandchildren and 23 years of experience in helping mothers meet their breastfeeding goals.)  Back to the case in point, nipples do not need to be toughened.  Rubbing nipples to prepare them for breastfeeding only breaks down natural keratin layer which makes you more prone to trauma.  The remedy, a good latch.     

Breastfeeding Education

The best way to prepare for breastfeeding is education so take a breastfeeding class at your local hospital, read a quality breastfeeding book not just a section of a book written for pregnancy.  I highly recommend The Nursing Mother's Companion by Kathleen Huggins.  If you are in a rural area and don't have access to classes, you can use youtube but make sure the instructor is qualified before you watch.  


Know where to get help before you need it.  Feel free to email me with questions, but finding out if there is a La Leche League group or a local lactation consultant that hosts a Latch Clinic is a great help.  You may even have an IBCLC who does home visits in your area.  This is information you want to have before you need it!

While you are preparing your home for your baby, make sure you have prepared with information, resources and education.  A few supplies can go along way to make things easier as well.  I recommend a nursing nightgown or nursing pajamas with integrated sleep bra that offers easy access but holds you nursing pads in place, a quality double electric breast pump with a closed system to prevent contamination and cotton breathable washable nursing pads.  Bottles are not recommended until the baby learns to breastfeed well which is usually after 6-8 weeks so if you are pumping for storage, add some breast milk storage bags to your shopping list.  And finally a nursing bra that fits multiple cup sizes like the Bravado BodySilk Nursing Bra or a less expensive alternative is the Amamante Caress & Contour Nursing Bra.  

Happy Nesting!