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If you have general tenderness or even trauma from a specific feeding, over the counter nipple creams such as lanolin cream or Motherlove Nipple Cream are very effective.  But if you have ongoing soreness which cannot be resolved by a corrected latch, Dr Jack Newman has formulated an all-purpose nipple ointment or APNO cream that is a life-saver.

Copied with permission, the information below is essential in getting a prescription witten for this cream as it does contain ingredients not found in any over the counter formulas.

There is a link in the information below or you can search for the term "compounding pharmacy near me" in order to locate a pharmacy that can make the formula once your doctor has written the following RX:

Mupirocin ointment 2%, 15 grams
Betamethasone ointment 0.1%, 15 grams
Add miconazole powder to a concentration of 2% miconazole
Combined yeild about 30 grams
Directions:  Apply sparingly. Do not wash or wipe off.

Here is to nursing in comfort,

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DIY No Sew Face Cover Neck Gaiter

Although this is not the normal topic of conversation on a lactation blog, following social distancing and face cover recommendations are just part of reality in these times of contagion.  Unfortunately, face masks have more demand than they have supply and traditional neck gaiters are made from fabric with a large weave for stretch so not much protection there.  Like most people, when we had to go out for essentials, we tried tying a cotton bandana around our face but that led to a lot of face touching to adjust the bandana.  So the thought struck me, neck gaiters are a simple tube design.  What if I came up with an easy no sew neck gaiter using a pair of pajama pants and lining them with the recommended cotton fabric? The Surgeon General and CDC recommend that if you are making masks at home you use 180 thread count cotton or "quilters cotton" to be an adequate barrier.  You may be able to find these quilting squares at Wal-mart, but if not another option is using the same…

Current CDC Guidelines on Breastfeeding and Covid-19

The following information has been released from the CDC regarding breastfeeding and Covid-19. 
There will be a link at the bottom of this page so that you can get updates as they become available.  As we thank the workers who keep our country running with essential items, we want our nursing mothers to have the information they need.

Interim Guidance on Breastfeeding for a Mother Confirmed or Under Investigation For COVID-19 This interim guidance is intended for women who are confirmed to have COVID-19 or are persons-under-investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 and are currently breastfeeding. This interim guidance is based on what is currently known about COVID-19 and the transmission of other viral respiratory infections. CDC will update this interim guidance as needed as additional information becomes available. For breastfeeding guidance in the immediate postpartum setting, refer to Interim Considerations for Infection Prevention and Control of 2019 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) i…

Free Breastfeeding Support Resource for Nursing Mothers

During this time of social distancing, we know many of you are not able to get to your breastfeeding support groups nor are able to get to a lactation consultant. We want you to feel free to call our warmline at 254-728-3627 
M-F CST to have your breastfeeding questions answered by our expert.
Lactation Consultant, owner Tanya Roberts has over 25 years experience helping nursing mothers with breastfeeding concerns.

As a family owned and operated small business in a rural area, we are able to continue to serve you by shipping your supplies safely during this time and are taking extra precautions for everyone's health and safety. 

Please be advised that some breast pump manufacturers are having unusually high number of back orders so if you reply on your breast pump, we recommend having essential breast pump parts such as an extra set of valves and backflow protectors aka diaphragms on hand just in case. 

Best wishes for safety and health for you and your family during this crisis,Tanya …

Breastfeeding and the Coronavirus COVID-19

The following press release was posted by Dr Thomas Hale, PHD author of Medications and Mother's Milk and director of the Infant Risk Center.  Those of us in the lactation community consider Dr Hale the foremost authority on mothers breastmilk and how it transmits medications and disease.  In summary, he agrees with the La Leche League release and statement that says:
"Its basically the same as for Influenza virus.  Once you know you have the virus,  the infant has already been extensively exposed for several days at least.  No real need to remove infant from the breast or breast milk."

Tom Hale Ph.D.
It is important to wash your hands and refrain from touching your face as well as distance yourself socially in order to prevent spread of this virus.  If you are working and breastfeeding, bring your own paper towels or use a breast pump bag with a pad to stage your breast pump parts.  Carry a disposable microwave sterilization bag t…

Hygeia Fit Breast Pump - Breast Pump Replacement Parts

We were recently contacted by a mom looking for larger flanges for her Hygeia breast pump.  If you have the Hygeia EnJoye or Hygeia Q breast pump, Hygeia breast pump parts are readily available. However, the new Hygeia breast pump you may have received through insurance called the Hygeia Fit (pictured below) does not have parts for sale through retail suppliers.  And if you need a specific size flange like the small 20mm flange you may be out of luck.

The good news is that the Hygeia flanges for the Hygeia Fit and the Spectra flanges are made in the same fascility in Korea and they are compatible.  As you can see from the Hygeia flange below, it looks nearly identical to the Spectra flange so you can shop Spectra breast pump parts for your Hygeia Fit breast pump.  Normally, we do not advocate using other brands of parts because when one brand has a backflow protector and the other had a different style or like Medela, no backflow protection at all, this can radically change the suctio…

Spectra Breast Pump Bag for Spectra S2, S1, S9 and S3 Breast Pump

Although Spectra breast pumps are lightweight, their round shape can make it hard to decide which breast pump bag will fit your Spectra best.  We've curated the best breast pump bags for you!  Here are some great options ranging in affordable price range from $40-$60.

JuJuBe Breast Pump Tote Bag

We are always amazed at the design details that go into JuJuBe bags.  Not only is the JuJuBe Breast Pump Tote Bag large enough to hold your Spectra breast pump and accessories, there are soft lined pockets for cell phone, a key fob attachment so you can always find your keys, lightly lined interior to make it easy to find all your tiny parts and extra pockets for everything else!  When we did a test fit, this bag was tall enough to fit everything you see packed in the picture plus the Breastmilk Bandit Six Bottle Cooler Tote on top and still zip with ease!

JuJuBe Breast Pump Backpack

If you are more of a backpackin' mama, the JuJuBe Breast Pump Backpack is just what you need.  Comes wi…