Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fitting Yourself for a Nursing Bra?

Not everyone has the luxury of having a certified bra fitter in your neighborhood.  Everyone who measures you for a nursing bra is not necessarily qualified either.  To get a good fit, you will need to take three measurements, not just two.  Measure high under the armpits while making sure your elbows are at your side while reading the tape, measure the fullest part of your breast with a bra on, and measure underneath the breasts where the bra would sit on your ribcage.  Make sure the bra you are wearing during your measurement is not compressing the breast or does not have padding.  The armpit measurement is the closest to your band size, so if you are measuring a 37, your band size is 38.  Take the rib measurement and subtract it from the fullness of the bust measurement to get the cup size.  For example, if you are 43 in the bust and 36 in the ribs, the difference is 7" which is roughly an F cup.  Also take into consideration how your current bra is fitting.  There should not be enough room in the back to get your fist in and it should not be riding up, but rather sitting below your shoulderblades.  The cups should offer two separate breasts with no breast tissue spilling over the top or coming out the bottom when you lift you arms.  For detailed instructions on measuring yourself, click here:

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