Monday, March 22, 2010

Milk Intake: Your Breastfed Baby at 12-36 months

As a Lactation Consultant, my main clients are mothers whose babies are under 12 months of age, so when looking for information for my daughter-in-law, I found it hard to find anything on milk intake for babies older than 12 months.  After doing some research, I have come to the following conclusion that I thought I would share with all moms.

Babies who are 12-24 months of age and weigh 20 lbs or more should take in 16-20 oz of milk; more if they are underweight. Normal weight gain during this period is 2 oz per week. A typical schedule would be nursing or feeding expressed milk 4 x daily, feeding solids 3 x daily with one or two healthy snacks in between. If you are weaning to cows milk, it should be whole milk unless advised otherwise by your pediatrician.  For toddlers 2-3 years or age, typical milk intake is 3 servings or nursings per day. After 24 months, most pediatricians recommend switching to 2% milk if you have weaned from breast milk. Toddlers 24-36 months should gain approximately 1 oz per week and eat 3 meals per day with one healthy snack.

Between the ages of 12-24 months, toddlers can still get about 15 oz per day from nursing. These 15 oz provide the following RDA: 29% of energy, 43% protein, 36% calcium, 75% vitamin A, 76% folate, 94% vitamin B12, and 60% of Vit C so if you are pressured to wean before you or your baby is ready, stand your ground, even if it is in the snow!

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