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Every Ounce Counts!

Recently, I was asked to be the guest speaker for a breastfeeding reception at our local WIC clinic. August is always an exciting time to be in the business of breastfeeding because the first week is officially World Breastfeeding Week. Many cities and government agencies promote breastfeeding during this week and I am honored to be a part of the celebration in Granbury, TX.

As I was preparing, I researched the WIC theme, "Every Ounce Counts". What a great slogan! I encourage you to check out the WIC website because their campaign rivals those of major companies. Not only do they have great pictures of babies and what they might be when they grow up, but a song that can only be an encouragement to any nursing mother. The WIC ads include babies that want to grow up to be firefighters and doctors because breastmilk makes you stronger and smarter, which is very true! Breastfed babies develop better with fewer health problems and their IQ scores and performance in school is mar…