Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nursing Bras for Large Breasts: DD DDD G H I J K L & M!

     It is amazing how many moms are having trouble finding nursing bras in their size in the store.  That's why online shopping was invented!  The average maternity boutique may carry up to a DDD/F cup, but after that you are out of luck.  We thought you could benefit from our over 20 years experience fitting nursing moms with larger bust sizes.  Here are a list of bras that come in your cup size:
Bravado 1013 Original Custom Nursing Bra will fit cup sizes up to J and K.
Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Bra will fit up to L and M.
Elila 1613 Nursing Bra will fit up to I and J cup.
Bravado 131 Sublime Nursing Bra says it fits up to JK, but it runs small so really H and I.
Bravado Essential Nursing Tank 710 says it fits up to FG, but it is generous so still try it if you are an H.  Bravado now offers larger band sizes up to 44.
Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra 125 fits up to an HI and runs pretty true to size.
Most come in just white, but the Bravado Custom and the Elila come in butterscotch or nude.
     For sleep bras in F or larger cup size try the Bravado Original Double Plus Nursing Bra which has no hooks to dig into your back while sleeping.

Bravado now offers, the Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Bra which is made with patent-pending Bravado Dynatex fabric which combines premium cotton & luxurious microfiber all in one breathable and seamless fabric that provides added comfort and support.  Bravado bra size up to 32J, 34M, 36M, 38M, 40I, 42I and 44G.  A great addition to styles for curvy moms.
I hope this makes shopping easier for the bustier among you. 

Bountiful Breastfeeding,


  1. Any idea on what would fit a 30J/K? I'm struggling to find something that could work for me. I'm due in mid April and generally fit a 30J but during my last pregnancy went up to a 32K, at least. I'm really wanting an underwire as a soft cup doesn't give me enough support. I will use the Bravado Custom for a while, whilst newly post partum but plan to nurse this babe for a long time (potentially 3 years) so thats not going to cut it for the full duration!
    I've checked out the Fancy Free but it starts at a 34 band which would be too big for me once my band starts to move back to its usual 30".
    I've considered getting my regular bras altered to become nursing bras but have received advice that this can change the way the bra fits. What would be your opinion on that?
    I know I have 6 months yet to work things out but all my research so far has turned up nothing, absolutely nothing! I hope you can offer me some support and advice here.

  2. That is a hard size to fit. Bravado style 125 will fit a 32JK in the cups if you buy the 32HI, but you may have to have a seamstress take 2" out of the back. Style number 131 runs smaller in the band so I am pretty sure it will fit a 30 band size in the 32HI, but the cups may be small. Those are the only two options in your size without having a bra custom made.
    Thanks for the inquiry!


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