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Exclusive Pumping: Keeping Up Breast Milk Production While Pumping

I often get moms who want to exclusively pump instead of breast feed directly.  If you choose to pump exclusively, it is very important that stimulation starts in the hospital within 1 hour of the baby's birth.  Moms should double pump with a hospital or professional quality pump like the Ameda, Medela or Hygeia hospital grade rental pumps or a brand new (not used) professional quality pump like the Ameda Purely YoursHygeia EnJoye Breast Pump or Spectra S2 Breast Pump
 To initiate milk supply, pump every 2-3 hours with a 5 hour stretch at night for a total of at least 8 times per day of 10-15 minute double pumping sessions.  Many pumping moms get discouraged during the first 3-5 days as it is hard to see much going into the bottles as colostrum comes in teaspoons, not ounces.  Do not let this dissuade you, but draw this liquid gold up in a syringe and give it to the baby as it is chalked full of antibodies.  This schedule goes on for the first six months for the most part, …