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Breast Milk Production

Knowing your breastfed baby is getting enough is key to the new moms breastfeeding success.  What goes in must come out so counting wet and poopy diapers initially is essential to keeping breastfeeding on the right track.  When the baby comes home from the hospital poop is like tar and very sporadic so start by counting wet diapers.  A newborn from day 1-5 should have the number of wet diapers as days they are old.  For example a one day old will have at least one wet diaper, two day old will have two, etc.  After day 6, your baby should have six to eight wet diapers per day and at least three two four poopy diaper per day.  If you can't tell if a diaper is wet, hold a new one in one hand and the old one in the other.  You will be able to feel a weight difference if the diaper is wet.  Poop diapers should only be counted if the poop is silver dollar size or larger, not just a stain.  So as I said before, what goes in must come out.  If you baby is nursing well and getting enough m…