Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are Nighttime Nursing Bras Needed?

While formula is $150 per month and breast milk is free, there are still budgetary concerns new moms have when purchasing their breastfeeding supplies.  One question I get quite often is do I need a sleep bra?  The answer is quite simply, yes!  The reason night-time nursing bras are a must is that newborns nurse every 2-3 hours and while you are nursing on one side, the other breast is letting down simultaneously so you are nursing on one side and leaking on the other.  Wearing a comfortable sleep bra will offer you protection from leakage as your nursing bra keeps your other pad in place while you are nursing on the first breast.  Support can also prevent unwanted leakage as you turn and move in the night.   You can start wearing your sleep bra during pregnancy if you are already leaking colostrum and continue to wear it at least for the first six to eight weeks when leaking is most prevalent.  If you are a mom with a heavy milk flow, you will want to wear it throughout nursing. 

What kind of sleep bra and how many do I need?  A good number is 3.  One to wear, one to wash, and one to get lost in the laundry.  The third one is a sad reality, but we aren't all supermom so we do get behind on our laundry.  As far as the sleep bra goes, my favorite is my own design, the Amamante Night and Day Nursing Bra.  It is double layered in the cups and has seams under the breasts for extra support that flimsy sleep bras don't offer.  Crossover style sleep nursing bras are the easiest to access when you are half asleep because you just pull them down to nurse and they are so comfortable you won't want to put on your daytime bra.  Every good sleep bra pulls on over your head or hooks in the front so you don't have hooks to dig into you while lying on your back.  Styles for larger busted moms such as the Bravado Original Double Plus Nursing Bra are made for wear 24/7.
Any other options for sleeping?  Most Amamante brand nursing gowns and nursing pajamas have the sleep bra built right in!  Amamante Nursingwear's best-selling Signature Nursing Gown and Serenity Nursing Pajamas have a night-time nursing built in bra.  Our customers love these fashionable nursingwear styles;  and because of the easy nursing access, it is moms best friend at 3 am!  It comes in standard B-D sizes, but if you choose the next size up for DD cup or two sizes up for DDD, bustier moms like it too.

Best wishes for a few minutes of sleep,

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