Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thank You for Nursing in Public!

The first time I nursed in public 24 years ago, we were with my husband's family at a restaurant.  He gave me a disapproving look, but he was soon educated.  My strongest memories of nursing my daughter in public were in a copy store and a family reunion.  I was in the middle of a store called Lazer Copy in Arlington 19 years ago cutting and pasting a flyer for my pump rental business.  I was perched on a stool, nursing with one hand and putting together the flyer with the other hand.  I also remember a family reunion when I was wearing a nursing top and looking for a  quiet inconspicuous corner.  My brother in law did not realize what I was doing and came to sit and talk.  He never knew!  My youngest son was a big drinker, and my strongest memory of him nursing in public was in the back pew of our church.  He was gulping so loudly that several people turned around.

I know there are those uneducated in breastfeeding that may occasionally do something stupid like ask us to leave, but for the most part we can put more pressure on ourselves.  When you nurse in public, you educate and encourage other moms,  So thank you for nursing in public!  The more you do, the more it is widely accepted and those moms who are hindered from breastfeeding because "I have never seen it done." will no longer be hindered.

To cover or not to cover is up to you, but the right top can provide you the modesty you want without being under a blanket.  If you are near other moms, they benefit from seeing you nurse.  If an uneducated person approaches, look them in the eye.  Their eyes will ususally follow yours.  And if they have the audacity too ask you to leave, have a retort ready like you really don't want hundreds of my pro-breastfeeding friends organizing a nurse-in at your business, do you?

Happy Nursing!

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