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7 Stages of Breastfeeding: A Baby's Perspective

Just for fun in honor of World Breastfeeding Week 2013, I thought I would write something from baby's perspective as a breastfeeding tip for mom.  Here is one tip for every day of this week!
1.  Birth-day Initiation:  My stomach is the size of a marble.  I am loving being skin to skin with Mama and the reward of a swallow of golden colostrum!
2.  10-Day-itis:  After 10 days, I start my first growth spurt.  I want to eat every hour or two and can't get enough of this liquid gold.
3.  6 weeks:  Breastfeeding is easier for me, but pooping is harder.  I am going through another feeding frenzy and things seem to be changing!  I was pooping all the time, but now only once in a while!
4.  3 months:  Another growth spurt.  Love it!  I get to eat as often as I like and no one complains, but I do get a little distracted 'cause there is so much to see while I'm eating.
5.  6 months:  I'm learning to sit up and trying solid foods just for fun.  My mom always lets me nurse fir…