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Packing Your Hospital Bag for Breastfeeding

In addition to the things you will want during labor and the cute coming home outfit you will want to pack for baby, there are specific things you will want during your hospital stay for breastfeeding:

Disposable Nursing Pads - Not all disposable pads are created equally.  Choose a brand that is completely breathable such as the Ameda NoShow Nursing Pads or the Hygeia Custom Nursing Pads that are available in two sizes to accommodate moms who are more endowed.  Lansinoh Nursing Pads are another good brand for breathability.  Washable nursing pads are a great money saver, but you may still want disposable as a time-saver for the first week while you are adjusting to caring for a new baby. Sleep Nursing Bra - This bra needs to have no hooks with which to fumble and it needs to room for your breasts to expand as the milk comes in.  The Amamante Night & Day Nursing Bra just pulls down to nurse and is perfect for B-DD cups.  The  Amamante Comfy & Curvy Nursing Bra has a hidden inner…