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Free Breast Pumps: Insurance Company Breast Pump Review from the Experts

After the Affordable Care Act took effect more moms are getting a "free" breast pump.  We get a lot of phone calls asking us which pumps on their insurance are best so we thought we would give you a review of the common ones out there.  After all, I personally have over 20 years experience using and selling different breast pumps and have seen breast pump companies come and go so you may benefit from my experience.

1.  Hygeia EnJoye Breast Pump - This is the number one choice for insurance company breast pumps because even the least expensive Q model has higher suction than most pumps at 250 milligrams of mercury and faster speed at 80 cycles per minute on it's highest settings.  Hygeia offer a closed system with a bacteriostatic filter so no bacteria can reach the milk and qualifies it for multi-person use.  So in that regard, you get a quality breast pump for free.  What you don't get.  Insurance companies do not give you the Hygeia EnJoye LBI which is the best…