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Breastfeeding Pain: Good Mom Syndrome

You may have heard of good baby syndrome which is when a baby is content and doesn't ask to be fed.  (This can happen with good-natured babies who are content to play while mom tends to other siblings and not get enough feeding in by the end of the day which can lead to slow weight gain.)  But have you heard of Good Mom Syndrome?  This is the new mother who wants the very best for her baby so she is gritting her teeth and accepting the pain of a poor latch.


Normal breastfeeding should not hurt.  A good latch is one that encompasses at least an inch of the areola so that baby is latched on behind the nerve ending.  A poor latch is one where the baby is on the end of the nipple either initially or has slipped down and is causing pain.  I hate to be a lactation nerd, but I here is a diagram of the breast.

It is so important that moms have this information because you can see where the nipple and areola are in relation to the milk (lactiferous) sinuses.  In other wo…

What Moms Can Buy with Your HSA FSA and Flex Spending Account

2015 is drawing to a close.  Many of you have benefits left in your insurance accounts, especially FSA, HSA and FLEX spending accounts.  If you are breastfeeding,breast pumpsandbreastfeeding supliesqualify as medical expenses.  Here are some suggestions to help you use it before you loose it!
1.  Electric Breast Pump  If you hate lugging your pump around, having one at home and one at work is such a luxury.   Or if you are struggling with a manual pump, a good electric pump is a necessity, especially one like the Hygeia Enjoye LBI that has a rechargeable battery pack for travel.
2.  Breast Pump Replacement Parts Most pumps have filters or diaphragms that need to be replaced every few months and valves that need to be replaced every few weeks.  Having extra sets of breast flanges or getting additional sizes to see which one helps with optimal milk output is another way to use your allotment.
3.  Lactation Consulting If you still need help with your baby's latch, this is a great ti…

Breastfeeding Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale - Best Prices of the Year!

Wow!  If you are breastfeeding this winter, you are in luck.  The best sales of the year for nursing mothers are not during World Breastfeeding Week, but on Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Nursing bras by Bravado, Amamante Nursingwear & La Leche League Intimates by QT foundations are 20-70% off!  Get great the best prices of the year on nursing gowns and pajamas, not to mention even manufacturer's who do not normally allow for discounts will often lower their prices for this once a year buying frenzy. Zolowear Slings and Hava Baby Slings are included in this sale!  Need stocking stuffers?  You can get a manual breast pump conversion kit by Medela and Amamante 100% Cotton 8 pack nursing pads for unbelievably low prices.  If you are buying a gift for a nursing mom or stocking up for yourself, make sure you visit Lactation Connection Black Friday, Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday.  Early shoppers always have the best selection so watch for sales to start after lunc…

Nursing Must Haves: Breastfeeding Essentials Basket

Having a basket of necessities near your favorite nursing spot is not only nice, but essential. After all, moms only have two hands.  To get you started, here are 6 recommendations for building a breastfeeding basket of must-haves for yourself or as a gift.

1.  Breastfeeding Book
Let's face it. Moms have questions and a Lactation Consultant is not always available to answer those questions especially at 3 am.  We recommend books endorsed by La Leche League and Lactation Consultants such as The Nursing Mother's Companion by Kathleen Huggins and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by Weisinger, West and Pitman. 

2. Water Bottle
Although the amount of water you drink does not translate directly into the amount of milk you make, your body functions better when it is hydrated.  

3.  Nursing Pads
Your breast milk lets down bilaterally, which means especially in the early weeks of breastfeeding, when you are nursing on one side, you are leaking on the other.  When you finish nursing is the op…

Getting a Free Breastpump from an Insurance Company: It's Harder Than You Thought

I get this statement all the time as a lactation store owner, " Getting a free breast pump from my insurance company is harder than I thought."  I hear it from moms every day.  Many insurance companies  representatives tell moms to find out who takes my insurance instead of giving them an accurate list.  Or if they do offer a list, the insurance company does not have the pump they wanted in stock or offer that model at all.  Another issue is that when the mom does get her pump, it doesn't come with any extras.  No cooler carrier to take back and forth to work or breast pump replacement parts are provided.   In other words, the insurance companies pare down the pumps to keep costs down leaving moms unprepared when their valves go down the disposal.

Lactation Connection offers the largest selection of breast pump replacement parts around including brands like Ameda, Hygeia, Spectra, Bailey, ARDO to name a few of the more popular brands.  You may want to bookmark these link…

Sleep Bras for Breastfeding: All Night-time Nursing Bras Not All Created Equal

Hello, Mamas!

When you get ready for breastfeeding one of the top things on your list should be a night-time nursing bra.  These are useful in your last trimester and through the first three months of breastfeeding for most women and those who leak beyond the first 6-8 weeks or those who are larger busted will want to continue to use them throughout their breastfeeding journey.   The most common reasons moms choose to wear a bra at night is bi-lateral letdown. When you begin breastfeeding and are nursing on one side, you will let down and leak on the other side until the period of leakage subsides which is after 6-8 weeks of nursing.  Colostrum can begin leaking anytime in the last trimester so having a sleep bra then is also helpful.

Here is what you need to look for in a night nursing bra:

1.  Easy nursing access.  You won't want hooks to fidget with at 3 am so you will want a sleep nursing bra that just pulls down to nurse.

2.  Straps that stay in place.  You will want somethi…

Pregnant Moms Guide to Buying a Nursing Bra

Every expectant mom planning to breastfeed asks the question, "When do I buy a nursing bra?"  I have seen pregnant moms come in for a fitting as early as 3 months along and I have seen Dads come in while mom is at home desperate for something, anything!  Needless to say, the latter is not the best option.  We thought our readers could use some tips on when and how to buy a nursing bra while you are still pregnant. 

"When do I buy a nursing bra?"
The answer is as early as necessary.  If you have a bra that is leaving marks on you because it is too tight or if the under-wire is poking you, that is the time to buy your first nursing bra.  Moms moms find it helpful to buy their first nursing bra between 3-7 months of gestation.  

"What type of nursing bra do I buy during pregnancy?"  
A soft cup non under-wire nursing bra is best to keep you from getting clogged milk ducts which can occur even before delivery.  We also recommend a bra that has a variable cup size…

Nursingwear: Designs with Mothers in Mind

Nursingwear can be an essential purchase for the nursing mother.  The right nursing sleepwear can help her to more easily feed her baby on demand, thereby protecting her milk supply.  The right nursing bra can support without causing plugged milk ducts which can decrease milk supply.  Plugged ducts can happen easily when a mom pulls up a sports bra or underwire bra that compresses her breast tissue.

     Purchasing quality affordable nursingwear can help mom give a mom a sense of freedom while breastfeeding and can help her self esteem as she looses her pregnancy weight.  Wearing over-sized clothes, pulling up your hubby's t-shirts are not only cumbersome, but it can reek havoc on your self esteem as you catch a glance in the mirror.

     Amamante Nursingwear offers affordable nursing sleepwear designs, many of which offer an integrated sleep bra that just pulls down to nurse.  This easy access is your best friend at 3am!  The v-neck design keeps baby's skin to skin with …