Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nursingwear: Designs with Mothers in Mind

     Nursingwear can be an essential purchase for the nursing mother.  The right nursing sleepwear can help her to more easily feed her baby on demand, thereby protecting her milk supply.  The right nursing bra can support without causing plugged milk ducts which can decrease milk supply.  Plugged ducts can happen easily when a mom pulls up a sports bra or underwire bra that compresses her breast tissue.

     Purchasing quality affordable nursingwear can help mom give a mom a sense of freedom while breastfeeding and can help her self esteem as she looses her pregnancy weight.  Wearing over-sized clothes, pulling up your hubby's t-shirts are not only cumbersome, but it can reek havoc on your self esteem as you catch a glance in the mirror.

     Amamante Nursingwear offers affordable nursing sleepwear designs, many of which offer an integrated sleep bra that just pulls down to nurse.  This easy access is your best friend at 3am!  The v-neck design keeps baby's skin to skin with mom as they cuddle optimizing the bonding process. The design of the Signature Nursing Gown is not your mother's nursing gown.  No worries about feeling frumpy in these nursing gowns.  So versatile moms wear these gowns as a sundress in many instances.
     What about nursing pajamas?  Moms love the comfort and convenience of the Amamante Serenity Nursing Pajamas with integrated sleep bra and crop pant with cargo pocket.  And moms are perfectly zen in the Amamante Solace Yoga Nursing Pajamas.
  Visit Amamante Nursingwear for more information on these nursing pajamas for yourself or to become a retailer of our maternity nursingwear.  After all, Amamante is designed with mothers in mind and babies at heart!

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