Friday, September 11, 2015

Sleep Bras for Breastfeding: All Night-time Nursing Bras Not All Created Equal

Hello, Mamas!

When you get ready for breastfeeding one of the top things on your list should be a night-time nursing bra.  These are useful in your last trimester and through the first three months of breastfeeding for most women and those who leak beyond the first 6-8 weeks or those who are larger busted will want to continue to use them throughout their breastfeeding journey.   The most common reasons moms choose to wear a bra at night is bi-lateral letdown. When you begin breastfeeding and are nursing on one side, you will let down and leak on the other side until the period of leakage subsides which is after 6-8 weeks of nursing.  Colostrum can begin leaking anytime in the last trimester so having a sleep bra then is also helpful.

Here is what you need to look for in a night nursing bra:

1.  Easy nursing access.  You won't want hooks to fidget with at 3 am so you will want a sleep nursing bra that just pulls down to nurse.

2.  Straps that stay in place.  You will want something that has a u-shaped back so that the straps will not slide off your shoulders when you pull down the cups.

3.  Double layered cups.  Here is where most sleep bras for breastfeeding fail the test.  they are cheaply made with only one layer of fabric.  Even with nursing pads, you will want the second layer for absorption and modesty in case you need to answer the door in your pj's.  The bra featured in this blog is the Amamante Night & Day Nursing Bra which is a premium made in the USA brand without a premium pricetag!

4.  No abrasive seams or itchy elastic.  You will want a covered elastic band and seams should not cross the nipple area.

5.  Darted contoured cups.  This allows for a better fit and helps keep the nursing pads in place while you are nursing.

6.  Breathable fabric such as cotton, microfiber or rayon blends help keep you from getting a yeast infection while breastfeeding. Yeast grows in a warm moist environment so wearing a bra with polyester cups or wearing washable nursing pads that are not 100% cotton or bamboo is not advisable.

When should you buy your sleep bras for breastfeeding?  Anytime you begin to leak colostrum in the last trimester, I would go ahead and purchase.  If you are wanting to ensure that your sleep bra fits after you deliver, measure and purchase your nursing bra in the last 3-4 weeks or pregnancy.  Sleep bras are inexpensive so you may want to purchase one a size larger as well so that you have something that will fit during the three days your milk first comes in.  This engorgement only lasts 48-72 hours, but having a nursing bra you can wear is vital.

Happy Nurturing!

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