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Breastfeeding Pain: Good Mom Syndrome

You may have heard of good baby syndrome which is when a baby is content and doesn't ask to be fed.  (This can happen with good-natured babies who are content to play while mom tends to other siblings and not get enough feeding in by the end of the day which can lead to slow weight gain.)  But have you heard of Good Mom Syndrome?  This is the new mother who wants the very best for her baby so she is gritting her teeth and accepting the pain of a poor latch.


Normal breastfeeding should not hurt.  A good latch is one that encompasses at least an inch of the areola so that baby is latched on behind the nerve ending.  A poor latch is one where the baby is on the end of the nipple either initially or has slipped down and is causing pain.  I hate to be a lactation nerd, but I here is a diagram of the breast.

It is so important that moms have this information because you can see where the nipple and areola are in relation to the milk (lactiferous) sinuses.  In other wo…

What Moms Can Buy with Your HSA FSA and Flex Spending Account

2015 is drawing to a close.  Many of you have benefits left in your insurance accounts, especially FSA, HSA and FLEX spending accounts.  If you are breastfeeding,breast pumpsandbreastfeeding supliesqualify as medical expenses.  Here are some suggestions to help you use it before you loose it!
1.  Electric Breast Pump  If you hate lugging your pump around, having one at home and one at work is such a luxury.   Or if you are struggling with a manual pump, a good electric pump is a necessity, especially one like the Hygeia Enjoye LBI that has a rechargeable battery pack for travel.
2.  Breast Pump Replacement Parts Most pumps have filters or diaphragms that need to be replaced every few months and valves that need to be replaced every few weeks.  Having extra sets of breast flanges or getting additional sizes to see which one helps with optimal milk output is another way to use your allotment.
3.  Lactation Consulting If you still need help with your baby's latch, this is a great ti…