Thursday, December 17, 2015

What Moms Can Buy with Your HSA FSA and Flex Spending Account

2015 is drawing to a close.  Many of you have benefits left in your insurance accounts, especially FSA, HSA and FLEX spending accounts.  If you are breastfeeding, breast pumps and breastfeeding suplies qualify as medical expenses.  Here are some suggestions to help you use it before you loose it!

 If you hate lugging your pump around, having one at home and one at work is such a luxury.   Or if you are struggling with a manual pump, a good electric pump is a necessity, especially one like the Hygeia Enjoye LBI that has a rechargeable battery pack for travel.

Most pumps have filters or diaphragms that need to be replaced every few months and valves that need to be replaced every few weeks.  Having extra sets of breast flanges or getting additional sizes to see which one helps with optimal milk output is another way to use your allotment.

If you still need help with your baby's latch, this is a great time to use your funds.  Make sure the person you are using is a board certified lactation consultant.  To find one in your area, see the ILCA website.

The bottom line is whether you have a few dollars or quite a few left in your account, those are your benefits and you should use them.   Parts that need replaced most often on popular breast pumps are the Hygeia filter, Hygeia valve, Ameda valves, Ameda diaphragm, Spectra backflow protector, Spectra Valve, and ARDO valve.  Don't forget stock up before your medical benefits expire on December 31st.

Here is to a happy new year!

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