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Breastfeeding Gifts for New Moms

Shopping for an expectant or new mom?  Gift boxes and baskets are always a hit whether it is for a new baby, baby shower or even a Christmas or birthday gift.  Our favorite way of showering a new mom is with a re-usable gift box that can be used as a keepsake box for cards or even memorabilia like the first outfit, lock of hair, etc.

So now that you have the box, what goes inside?  Lactation Connection offers pre-packed gift boxes starting at $25 with lactation teas, cookies and boobie bars to help moms with nourishment and milk supply!  After all, what new mom isn't concerned about how much she has!  It is the top question, we get from new moms.

Milkmakers and MilkBooster Gift Boxes come in a variety of styles and flavor selection.  And if you are having your gift sent directly to the new mom our $6.99 shipping is a treat!  Or add a nursing gown by Amamante Nursingwear and as long as your order total is over $60 everything ships free.  Now that is a gift for mom, for baby and for…

Black Friday Cyber Monday 20-70% OFF Breastfeeding Sale of the Year!

You will not believe the deals we are offering for our 2016 Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale at Lactation Connection!  This breastfeeding sale offers 20-70% OFF brands like Bravado, Amamante, La Leche League, Juno Blu, Snugabell PumpEase, ARDO, Hygeia and more!  Here are a few of the selections from this sale that contains over 50 breastfeeding essentials!

Select Bravado Nursing Bras are 20-50% OFF including Original, Alure, Embrace, Sublime, Sweet Pea and Bliss!

Designer breast pump cooler totes from June Blu 50% OFF!

Amamante Nursingwear nursing gowns and pajamas starting at $9.99 for sleep bras and separates and $19.99 for made in the USA breastfeeding sleepwear!  You won't get this quality at this price anywhere else!

ARDO Amaryll Breast Pump $19.99!!  This is an effective comfortable breast pump great for occasional and is compact enough to fit in a diaper bag for emergencies.

Hygeia Healthy Weight Baby Scale with memory for breast milk intake 30% OFF and includes free shipping…

Breastfeeding: Guide to Preparing for Breastfeeding

I have been asked to speak at an event at a Motherhood Maternity store in the next few weeks.  The topic, Preparing to Breastfeed.  There are many misconceptions about getting ready to breastfeed, but much of your success is about education.  You as a reader of this blog, are doing just that.  Getting a head start by getting information prior to delivery.  Knowing what is normal, what to expect and when to get help is essential.

Know Your Body

Watch for indicators that your body is getting ready to produce milk.  The most common is breast tissue growth.  Your breast should change and get larger before delivery.  You may or may not leak colostrum in the last trimester, but you should have some breast size change during the pregnancy.  

Check for flat or inverted nipples.  This is not a simple, look in the mirror exam.  You will need to put pressure with your thumb and index finger approximately 1" onto the areola (figure A) to see if your nipple protrudes or instead goes flat or hide…

Breast Milk Storage - Breastmilk Organizer and Storage Info and Tools

The number one question we get from pumping mamas is about how to store their expressed breastmilk.  A common misconception is that you have to freeze your breastmilk for later use.  While freezing is a good option for undetermined later use, feeding freshly expressed breastmilk or refrigerated breastmilk is an even better option for multiple reasons.

Benefits of Feeding Fresh Breastmilk

Fresh breastmilk has living white blood cells which protect against illness.  It is tailored to protect the baby against illnesses to which the mother has been exposed.  Some of which are contracted by proximity to other siblings, etc.Breastmilk can be left at room temperature for 6-10 hours which means that if you pump milk before work in the morning, it can be given to your baby during the next two feedings without having to refrigerate and warm.Breastmilk is good in the fridge for 5-7 days.  Ideally, what you pump Monday, can be given on Tuesday and what you pump Friday, can be given the following M…

Troubleshooting your Hygeia Breast Pump: When to Replace Hygeia Parts

If you are new to pumping, you want to know what to do about maintaining your new breast pump.   All breast pumps need to be maintained to function at optimal levels and Hygeia breast pumps are no different.

Getting Started
When you get your pump, remove the breast shield from the Hygeia tubing.  Then remove the valve from the breast shield.  Sterilize only the following parts:  breast shield, valve, bottle, bottle ring, disc and cap.  Do not sterilize the filter or tubing.  Sterilize using the top rack of the dishwasher, microwave steam sterilizer bag or boiling water.  If you use boiling water, bring the water to a boil and then leave in for no longer than 3-5 minutes or you will have cloudy or warped parts.  Do not use a bottle brush to clean breast pump parts.  Do not wash Hygeia filters.  Keeping the filters dry, helps maintain their integrity longer.
Re-assemble as per instructions.  If you has misplaced your instructions, you can download these Hygeia EnJoye breast pump instruct…

Troubleshooting your Spectra Breast Pump: When to Replace Spectra Breast Pump Parts

Today's consumer wants plug and play electronic equipment, but breast pumps require a little more preparation.
Getting Started
When you get your pump, remove the breast shield from the backflow protector.  Then remove the valve from the breast shield.  Sterilize only the following parts:  breast shield, valve, bottle, bottle ring, disc and cap.  Do not sterilize the filter aka backflow protector or tubing.  Sterilize using the top rack of the dishwasher, microwave steam sterilizer bag or boiling water.  If you use boiling water, bring the water to a boil and then leave in for no longer than 3-5 minutes or you will have cloudy or warped parts.  Do not use a bottle brush to clean breast pump parts.  Do not wash backflow protectors.  Keeping the filters dry, helps maintain their integrity longer.
Re-assemble as per instructions.  If you has misplaced your instructions, you can download these Spectra S2 breast pump instructions.  But remember, although these breast pumps have a closed …

Falling Prices: Bravado Nursing Bra Sale

Right now, take an extra 20% off  our already low prices on the best-selling nursing bras by Bravado Designs.  Sale includes all styles including Bravado Sublime, Bravado Embrace, Bravado Bliss, Bravado Body Silk, Bravado Original Nursing Bra and even the new Bravado Dream Tank!  Sale ends soon, so use coupon code FALLLUV20 today!
Also on sale, PumpEase Hands Free Pumping Bras, Amamante Nursing Nightgowns, and Breastmilk Bandit breastmilk storage organizers.
Happy Shopping! 

Labor Day Sale: Pack Your Hospital Bag for Breastfeeding

Labor Day is fast approaching.  There is Labor Day and then there's labor day! Lactation Connection is helping you with both.  For the first time, hard to keep in stock items like double pump kits and breast pump spare parts kits are on sale at an additional 20% off!  Whether you have a new baby or your are re-stocking from the last one, there items are essential.  You want to start fresh with new parts especially items like valves and diaphragms if you are pulling out an older pump.  If you are getting ready for the first baby, these types of items such as valves and filters or diaphragms depending on the pump model you have are must have extras.  Your breast pump function and suction depend on them so if you depend on your pump for milk supply at work or for exclusive pumping, you will want to take advantage of this sale for Ameda, Spectra, Hygeia, Ardo, Limerick and Bailey Medical breast pumps.  If you have a Medela pump, just get a new pump as the Medela brand doesn't hold…

What New Moms Need to Know about Breast Milk Supply - Supplements, Maternal Weight and Feeding Frequency

While breastmilk nutrients do not vary significantly from a healthy mom in the US to a mom in a third world country, there are supplements you should take while breastfeeding.

Prenatal Vitamins
Continuing to take your prenatal vitamins is essential due to the daily intake of vitamin B6  needed. Not only is this vitamin necessary for maintaining milk supply, but a deficiency in the mother's diet has been linked to lethargy and colic in the infant.

There is nothing more detrimental to milk supply that breast tenderness.  This can be due to poor latch so take a look at proper breastfeeding techniques, but sharp shooting pains in between feedings are often caused by yeast which is often preventable.  Probiotics are recommended if you were given any antibiotics during labor and delivery. They aid in restoring the mother's normal intestinal flora thereby thwarting yeast infections.  We recommend a live culture probiotic.  This is an over the counter medication, but the t…

Comprehensive Guide to Increasing Breast Milk Supply

Your body makes milk on a supply and demand basis. Although we don't need ounce markers on the side of our breasts to know the baby is getting enough, we tend to fret over milk supply.   Here is a comprehensive guide to ease your worries and address your concerns.

Is my baby getting enough?
When your baby is first born, his wet diapers should increase daily. On day one, he should have at least one, day two, he should have two, up until day six. After six days of age, they have six to eight pale wet diapers daily and three to four "cottage cheese and mustard" stools. Other ways we can tell the baby is getting enough milk is that he makes quiet swallowing sounds at the breast. The breast feel full before the feeding and softer afterward. The baby seems satisfied after twenty minutes of swallowing. Babies may loose 7-10% of their birth weight, but begin regaining at day 6 and gain 5-7 ounces per week on the average until 6 months of age. The stools can change at 4-6 weeks of …

Breast Milk Intake Scale: Infant Weight - How Much Breast Milk

One of the top questions we get, is how much do I leave for my baby in a bottle when I am away at work?  After all, your breasts don't come with ounce markers because your baby feeds on demand.  But for moms who are working or away from their baby short term, it is important to know how to determine how much milk is appropriate to leave.  For infants up to six months old, the quickest way to determine this is to take your baby's current weight rounding up to the nearest half pound and multiply by 2.5.  For example, a baby who is 10 lbs will need 25 ounces per day.  Then divide by the number of feedings per day, normally 8 for an infant under six months of age.  Therefore 25 ounces divided by 8 feedings is 3.12 ounces per bottle which we will round up to the nearest quarter ounce.  In other words, leave 31/4 ounces for a 10 lb baby for every 3 hours that you will be away.  Also leaving an extra frozen bottle is a good idea for emergencies.  Here is a link to a breast milk intak…

World Breastfeeding Week 2016

World Breastfeeding Week is upon us! The theme for World Breastfeeding Week 2016 is Breastfeeding:  A Key to Sustainable Development.  Breastfeeding has so many benefits, but this year the focus is sustainability.  A few of the key points that are being used as the focus for this year are:

No Poverty - Breastfeeding is naturally a low-cost way of feeding babies that does not put an economic burden on the household.

Zero Hunger - Breastfeeding is food security for infant through age two and helps prevent hunger, malnutrition and obesity.

Health & Well Being - Breastfeeding improves the development, health and well being of the infant as well as improves health of the mother.

Education - Breastfeeding improves mental and cognitive development and therefore improves learning.  Educating our children help sustain the future of society as a whole.

Many breastfeeding coalitions will be hosting World Breastfeeding Week events during August 1st-7th.  Lactation Connection supports these e…

Pump Up Your Production: Milk Supply and the Pumping Mama

With today's easy to use breast pumps, moms sometimes think they just need to pump at work at lunch and break and then just go about their business.  Pumping, just like breastfeeding should be intentional.  We don't choose to breastfeed because someone said it is better for your baby.  We breastfeed because we educate ourselves to want the best for our child.  Pumping should also not be so haphazard.

First choose a quality hygienic breast pump.
There are many breast pump out there that while commonplace, are not the best choice.  You need an auto-cycling breast pump that does at least 60 cycles and has a closed system like Hygeia, Ameda and Spectra offer.  Double pumping increases the prolactin levels as well as save you time. Prolactin is the milk producing hormone.

Next determine your pumping schedule.
A mother of an infant under six months should pump at least every 3 hours that she is away from her baby.  That time frame is from the beginning of one pumping or nursing sess…

Nursing Nightgown: Nursing Gown Review

What are moms looking for in a nursing nightgown?  Soft breathable fabric, easy nursing access and something made right here in the USA that won't fall apart before you can use it again with the next baby!
The Amamante Nursing Gown collection offers something for every mom.  We love the Signature Nursing Gowns because they have a built in sleep bra that just pulls down to nurse.  So when that bilateral let-down occurs (nursing on one side and leaking on the other), your nursing pad is held in place by the soft sleep bra style cups that are contoured to your curves.

What else should you be looking for?  Soft, breathable fabric that doesn't show wear prematurely and comes out of the dryer looking as good as new.  Amamante is right on point with 96% rayon and 4% spandex offering a two way stretch that moves with you.  In addition, the straps are top notch because they are made with fold-over trim to stay in place and not all all too common cheap substitute that the ones made in C…

Pumping Schedule: Working and Breastfeeding

We get this question often as to how to ensure a healthy breast milk supply while working and breastfeeding.  Just as in raising kids, consistency is essential.  Most moms return to work when the baby is 4-8 weeks old so we will give you a typical schedule to keep you on track as well as a schedule for the early growth spurts.

This schedule is for a 24 hour period on any given 9-5 workday and can be modified to your changing schedule.  The imperative is to nurse or pump every 2-3 hours for a total of 8 times per 24 hour period when your baby is under 6 months old.  If you choose to delay solids past 6 months, then continue this schedule until solids are introduced.

Please note that we are not advocating scheduling a baby's every feeding.  Feeding on demand is best for milk supply so if your baby asks to be fed earlier that your normal "schedule" by all means, feed your baby.  We do however find that working mothers benefit from a routine when it comes to pumping to ensure …

Getting Ready for Breastfeeding: Nursing Bras & Nursing Gowns

One of the questions we get most often in the last trimester of pregnancy is what do I need for breastfeeding?  Moms may need a breast pump to return to work, but most often the real question is what clothes do I need.  You don't need to have a full on wardrobe for breastfeeding, but a few essentials will make your life easier, and even help you succeed at breastfeeding.  We see moms get frustrating trying to pull up a non-nursing gown to access the breast or even get plugged milk ducts from pulling a tight sports bra up from the bottom or an under wire bra down from the top.  Even when moms are not on a strict budget, they sometimes don't buy a nursing bra simply because they just don't know what size to get.  Here is some advice to make thing simpler:

1.  Sleep Nursing Bra - These are usually under $20 and are a must-have to keep your nursing pads in place.  During the first 6-8 weeks postpartum moms normally leak breastmilk, especially at night. Bilateral let-down also …

ARDO & Lucina: Finding Breast Pump Parts for ARDO Calypso and Melodi Breast Pumps

In helping moms find breast pump parts for their insurance pumps, we noticed a similarity between the Lucina Melodi and ARDO Calypso breast pump parts.  In investigating further, we contacted Lucina whose chat rep denied such a connection.  You be the judge.  The parts are identical except the color of the cap on the double pump kit that fits on the flange.  While Lucina Melodi Advanced and Melodi Prime have a purple cap, ARDO Calypso and Carum use a green cap. We further noticed that the ARDO Amaryll manual breast pump is the exact same pump as the Lucina Melodi Manual Pump.

Finally, we took a close look at the Lucina Double Pump Kit image on their website and we noticed that you can read part of the ARDO brand name on the side of the flange shaft.  

Our conclusion is that the parts are made by the same company and can be used interchangeably. Good news for the mom who can't find Lucina Melodi breast pump parts!  We would love to get your feedback on using the ARDO parts on your…