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When & How to Use a Nipple Shield

Nipple shields have changed over the years.  You will find videos and images of rubber or latex nipple shields which are no longer used due to their thickness. Latex is also no longer used since it has a tendency to break down, has a smell and a taste and is an allergen to some.

Modern nipple shields are silicone.  Medela even made them with a cut-out which was supposed to be used for more skin to skin contact with the baby's chin or if flipped the other direction to prevent possibly obstructing the infants airway.  Since these "contact" style have less surface area, they do not adhere as well as a full circle design such as the Ameda Nipple Shield.

When is the use of a nipple shield indicated?

1.  When a mom has an inverted nipple and the baby does not latch or suck because it does not feel the nipple in its mouth.  Some nipples are easily identified as inverted, but others only invert when the baby tries to latch.  An easy test for this is to take your index finger and…

Bigger Bras for Breastfeeding: Buying Nursing Bras in Sizes DD E F G H and I

Not all bras are created equal and especially nursing bras that need to not only support but prevent plugged milk ducts and give easy nursing access all while looking great.  The good news is that they are out there if you know what you are looking for.

One of our new favorites for moms with cup sizes up to DDD or F cup is the QT Natalie Nursing Bra.  It is a great wire free solution with good support for larger busts and is available in sizes 34D-44DDD/F.  We like the smooth look and easy fit of this bigger nursing bra as well.

If you are looking for a bigger underwire nursing bra, QT Foundations offers an excellent choice is the Dottie Nursing Bra style #3325.  This nursing bra for larger cups offers great coverage and support in sizes 34G-42H.

For our curvier moms, they appreciate that the 40, 42 and 44 bands come in the bigger nursing bra sizes of 42D through 44F and 44G nursing bra sizes thanks to QT Foundations!

As for a 24 hour bigger sleep nursing bra for sleep and leisure, th…