Monday, February 15, 2016

Bigger Bras for Breastfeeding: Buying Nursing Bras in Sizes DD E F G H and I

Not all bras are created equal and especially nursing bras that need to not only support but prevent plugged milk ducts and give easy nursing access all while looking great.  The good news is that they are out there if you know what you are looking for.

Small moms with large busts are always the hardest to fit.  Bravado Designs makes several styles in the 32 and 34 band sizes, but the ones these petite moms seem to like best is the Bravado Sublime.  It is a lightweight lace bra that is soft and still supportive even for moms up to 34H nursing bra size.  This style runs slightly small so if you are a 34G or 34H, go up to the 34HI size.

If you are looking for a J or K cup nursing bra,  the Bravado Embrace Nursing Bra has even more support to meet your needs.  It has a proprietary fabric that is comfortable without giving you as much bounce as most soft cup nursing bras.  We always recommend soft cup over under wire due to moms changing shape and wires not fitting properly and causing plugged milk ducts.  You will be surprised at the amount of support the Bravado Embrace affords you in size from 32-44 and DD/E through L/M cup sizes.  This bra was a welcome site when Bravado came out with average band sizes with larger popular cup sizes such 32HI, 34JK, 34LM, 36FG, 36HI, 38FG, and  38JK.  For our curvier moms, they appreciate that the 40 and 42 bands come in  the bigger nursing bra sizes of 40D through 42I and even have a selection for 44F and 44G nursing bra sizes.

As for a 24 hour bigger sleep nursing bra for sleep and leisure, the Bravado Original Double Plus Nursing Bra is the way to go since there are no hooks in the back to be uncomfortable for sleep and it is styled in a way that has a sport bra appearance which keeps you from falling out when you are lying on your side.  

So if you are still searching for a hard-to find nursing bra size, check out this shop by size link or give us a call at 800-216-8151 and ask to speak to a nursing bra fitting specialist.  We have over 20 years experience in fitting your changing shape at Lactation Connection.

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