Tuesday, March 8, 2016

ARDO & Lucina: Finding Breast Pump Parts for ARDO Calypso and Melodi Breast Pumps

In helping moms find breast pump parts for their insurance pumps, we noticed a similarity between the Lucina Melodi and ARDO Calypso breast pump parts.  In investigating further, we contacted Lucina whose chat rep denied such a connection.  You be the judge.  The parts are identical except the color of the cap on the double pump kit that fits on the flange.  While Lucina Melodi Advanced and Melodi Prime have a purple cap, ARDO Calypso and Carum use a green cap. We further noticed that the ARDO Amaryll manual breast pump is the exact same pump as the Lucina Melodi Manual Pump.

Finally, we took a close look at the Lucina Double Pump Kit image on their website and we noticed that you can read part of the ARDO brand name on the side of the flange shaft.  

Our conclusion is that the parts are made by the same company and can be used interchangeably. Good news for the mom who can't find Lucina Melodi breast pump parts!  We would love to get your feedback on using the ARDO parts on your Lucina Melodi Advanced or Melodi Prime breast pump!  

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