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Pump Up Your Production: Milk Supply and the Pumping Mama

With today's easy to use breast pumps, moms sometimes think they just need to pump at work at lunch and break and then just go about their business.  Pumping, just like breastfeeding should be intentional.  We don't choose to breastfeed because someone said it is better for your baby.  We breastfeed because we educate ourselves to want the best for our child.  Pumping should also not be so haphazard.

First choose a quality hygienic breast pump.
There are many breast pump out there that while commonplace, are not the best choice.  You need an auto-cycling breast pump that does at least 60 cycles and has a closed system like Hygeia, Ameda and Spectra offer.  Double pumping increases the prolactin levels as well as save you time. Prolactin is the milk producing hormone.

Next determine your pumping schedule.
A mother of an infant under six months should pump at least every 3 hours that she is away from her baby.  That time frame is from the beginning of one pumping or nursing sess…

Nursing Nightgown: Nursing Gown Review

What are moms looking for in a nursing nightgown?  Soft breathable fabric, easy nursing access and something made right here in the USA that won't fall apart before you can use it again with the next baby!
The Amamante Nursing Gown collection offers something for every mom.  We love the Signature Nursing Gowns because they have a built in sleep bra that just pulls down to nurse.  So when that bilateral let-down occurs (nursing on one side and leaking on the other), your nursing pad is held in place by the soft sleep bra style cups that are contoured to your curves.

What else should you be looking for?  Soft, breathable fabric that doesn't show wear prematurely and comes out of the dryer looking as good as new.  Amamante is right on point with 96% rayon and 4% spandex offering a two way stretch that moves with you.  In addition, the straps are top notch because they are made with fold-over trim to stay in place and not all all too common cheap substitute that the ones made in C…