Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Labor Day Sale: Pack Your Hospital Bag for Breastfeeding

Labor Day is fast approaching.  There is Labor Day and then there's labor day! Lactation Connection is helping you with both.  For the first time, hard to keep in stock items like double pump kits and breast pump spare parts kits are on sale at an additional 20% off!  Whether you have a new baby or your are re-stocking from the last one, there items are essential.  You want to start fresh with new parts especially items like valves and diaphragms if you are pulling out an older pump.  If you are getting ready for the first baby, these types of items such as valves and filters or diaphragms depending on the pump model you have are must have extras.  Your breast pump function and suction depend on them so if you depend on your pump for milk supply at work or for exclusive pumping, you will want to take advantage of this sale for Ameda, Spectra, Hygeia, Ardo, Limerick and Bailey Medical breast pumps.  If you have a Medela pump, just get a new pump as the Medela brand doesn't hold up as well past the first baby.  We recommend pumps with closed systems to decrease incidence of bacteria blowing into the milk.  Closed system breast pumps will have a filter or diaphragm in the personal kit to prevent this from happening.

Don't forget to stock up on your nursing bras especially sleep bras for breastfeeding from Amamante and multi-cup bras Bravado nursing bras that will fit and last longer due to your changing shape!

Enjoy your Labor Day,

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