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Making More Milk: Getting the Most out of Lactation Tea

I have been helping mothers breastfeed since 1993.  Long before Milkmakers Cookies and Boobie Bars, mother's milk tea has been around.  While lactation tea can be an effective way of helping boost your milk supply, it is important to know which ones are beneficial and if you are getting the most out of using them.

Fenugreek lactation tea can be very effective, but if using a tea bag, make sure you are steeping your tea for 15 minutes to get as much of the herb into your tea as needed.  You can then remove the bag and reheat the tea, or pour over ice for iced tea.  Manufacturer's recommend drinking three glasses a day for at least three days to see results. 

Some herbal lactation teas are such a pleasure to drink you won't need to remind yourself to drink more than one cup a day.  Milkmakers Lactation Tea are infused with nourishing herbs including oatstraw, nettle, and fennel to increase mom's milk supply.  And as a tea lover, I have had spa worthy tea brands that aren…