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Storing Breastmilk: Protecting the Fat Content in Breast Milk

Every mama wants a fat and healthy breastfed baby.  I always love seeing thunder thighs on an infant, but while this may be moms goal, you need to take into consideration the infants personal growth curve which is also affected by their genes.  If mom and dad are very trim, we may not need to expect rolls of fat on our infants.  Breastfed Infant Growth Charts need to be observed by nursing mamas.  If your pediatrician's office has given you one that has a formula company brand on it, this can undermine your perception of a successful growth rate in your infant.  If your infant was in the 15% at 8 weeks, don't expect them to be in the 50th percentile as they grow.  As long as your infant has not been diagnosed with low weight gain or slow weight gain, they should continue to grow at that pace.  While gaining weight, they should remain in a similar percentile throughout the chart as they age.

Having said that, there are things that we do that can undermine the fat content in our…