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Arm's Reach & Lactation Connection: Celebrating 25 Years - Partnering with Arm's Reach for January 2018

We are so grateful to all our mamas for supporting us for the last 25 years!  Lactation Connection has been serving nursing mothers since 1993 and online since 1999.  Our goal has been to be your milk supply store where the products you need for breastfeeding are in our one stop shop.

Each month, we are partnering with one of our valued vendors to give you a great discount!  In January our partner is Arm's Reach.  In honor of our 25 years, we are offering all Arm's Reach co-sleepers and bassinets at 25% plus get free shipping.

The hottest item on our mamas wish list this season has been the Arm's Reach Versatile Co-Sleeper Bassinet.  If you have not seen, this take a look at the video on our website.  It is phenomenal!  It keeps your baby close at hand for breastfeeding.  Adjusts to the height of the bend and in an instant adjusts to the height of a changing table.  What a back saver!   The Versatile Bassinet comes in Interlock, Woven and Bliss prints.

Arm's reach mini …

Boobie Bars Lactation Bars - How Does Your Milk Supply Benefit

Lactation herbs have been used for centuries to help moms increase milk supply.  One problem is that the dosage is hard to regulate between brands.  Brands like Boobie Bars have a proprietary blend of herbs in the appropriate dosage to help moms increase milk supply.  Moms generally report 1.5-4.5 ounces increase per day when consoming at least one Boobie Bar per day.  In addition, moms need calories to make milk.  It takes an additional 500 calories per day for your body to produce breast milk.  What better way to add calories that benefit both the caloric needs and the specific herbs that have been identified as galactagogues to increase milk supply than supplements that are not only helpful, but delicious like Boobie Bars. And Moms really seem to love the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip variety! Try a box of these lactation bars to see how you like them or buy a one month supply of Boobie Bars with free shipping from Lactation Connection to get the most bang for your buck.

Wendy Colson, fou…

Get Breastfeeding Help - Lactation Connection Celebrates 25 Years Serving Nursing Mothers since 1993!

Happy New Year!  Lactation Connection has been serving nursing mothers since 1993 so we are celebrating our 27th year in business in 2018.  In honor of this event, we are launching a new program to answer your breastfeeding questions.  You will be able to email me directly and have
25 years of breastfeeding experience tailored to your situation.

Just copy and paste the following into an email and fill out the information so that I can assist you
in the best way possible!

What is your baby’s birth date and birth weight? What was your baby’s age and weight at last weigh-in? How often (include specifics on number of times per day and how long)
are you putting the baby to the breast? How often (include time of day and number of minutes) are you pumping?

How many wet and dirty diapers does your baby have in 24 hours?

What color are the stools? What specific breast pump do you have? If you are exclusively pumping, how many ounces are you getting per day? If you are supplementing, how man…