Friday, February 9, 2018

Stop Breast Milk Leaking: Disposable & Washable Nursing Pads Review

It's a great time to review nursing pads for breastfeeding moms!  When looking at nursing pads, we always recommend washable vs disposable for several reasons.  First of all is economy.  Who doesn't want to save money when it comes to all the things we need for new babies.  Disposable nursing pads are great for the first few days at home to save time, but once you've gone through that box - there are several things to consider.  First, if you do not know what you are looking for, you can actually do more harm than good with disposable nursing pads.  Many are manufacturerd by companies that do not have a vested interest in long-term breastfeeding.  They contain moisture barriers that can actually harbor yeast.  So if you are going to buy discposable, stick with tried and ture brands that are breastfeeding advocates such as Hygiea, Lansinoh and Ameda NoShow Disposable Nursing Pads.
Once you have gone through the first box, you are going to need to wash burp rags, baby blankets and baby clothes, so you might as well throw in washable nursing pads in the mix.  Plus, you don't have to fold washable nursing pads so they are easy care!  On average, disposable cost 10-15 cents each.  New moms go through at least 8 per day so a box of 36 won't even last a full week.  Why spend $30 per month when you can take the money you would spend on one month of disposables and buy quality washable nursing pads that will last?

Now that we have established why washable are more economical, they are also much healthier for your breasts.  Look for nursing pads made from bamboo or 100% cotton.  These types of pads are not only absorbant, but breathable so they won't harbor yeast.  Yeast natuarally occurs in your body, so keeping away from breast pads that green-house yeast is important to your breast health and comfort while breastfeeding.  Moms can even pass along thrush to the baby if she incurrs as yeast infection.

Bamboobies Nursing Pads are ultra soft and ultra thin for discreet wear.  And the heart-shaped day pads actually serve to fit the shape of your bra extremely well.  Bamboobies Overnight Pads are round and thicker for night-time protection.  The heart shape of Bamboobies are a fun way to prevent leakage.
Amamante Nursing Pads are made from four layers of 100% cotton flannel for super absorbancy so they are great for day or night.  They are also darted so they offer a contour in your nursing bra making them more discreet than you would think.  This type of fabric stays in place much better than a smoother cotton.  If you are going for economy and absorbancy, Amamante pads are the way to go.

Lactation Connection always offers great prices on breastfeeding supplies, but during the month of February 2018 in honor of our 25th year, take 25% off any Bamboobies purchase with coupon code HEART25.

Happy Breastfeeding!

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