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Breastfeeding Diet: Do Lactation Cookies Boost Milk Supply?

Breast milk supply is the number one issue on the minds of most nursing mothers and the busy working mom is no exception.  Whether she works in the office or from home, feeding everyone but herself is often an issue.

When considering milk supply, the first consideration is always supply and demand.  Are you getting the proper stimulation of nursing or pumping each day?  The average number of nursing or pumping sessions for a mom whose baby is under 6 months is 8 times per day, but often jumps to 11-12 times per day during typical growth spurt periods at 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months.  So if you are not getting at least 15 min of double pumping or 20 minutes of swallowing the number of times mentioned here, that is the first thing to fix.

The next is fairly simple.  It takes 500 extra calories per day to make milk.  If you choose to grab a candy bar for your extra calories, you are not doing yourself a favor as these empty calories will cause you to have less energy later on.  When you body is fueled properly, your body functions optimally.

Having said that, we know in a mom's busy day, shopping and preparing healthy meals and snacks is not always going to happen.  One easy wasy to give your body the fuel it needs for breastfeeding is to choose snacks that not only have healthy ingredients, but these ingredients are glalactgogues that actually boost milk supply.  For you morning breakfast on the run, grab a Boobie Bar as you head out the door.  In addition to whole grain oats, you are getting tumeric to help your imune system, moringa which is high in calcium, iron, pretein, potassium, coconut oil a good source of fat and shatavari for hormone balance and milk production.  These lactation bars come individually wrapped, making it a great grab and go breakfast.

If you are anything like me, the mid afternoon rolls around and you want a sweet snack.  Trust me, there is nothing good in the vending machine.  Milkmakers offers individual packs of lactation cookie bites that hit the spot.  They come in salted caramel and oatmeal chocolate chip and contain oats, brewers yeast and flax seed for milk supply as well as lecithin which actually helps the breast milk fat slide off the lactiferous sinuses for better milk transfer.

And coincidentally, eating one Boobie Bar per day at 240 calories plus one MilkMakers Lactation Cookie Bites at 260 calories add up to the extra 500 calories you need per day!

In summary, lactation cookies and bars can help milk supply.  Many moms report a boost in their milk supply with the addition of these products.  The Boobie Bar company reports the average increase a mom sees is 1.5-4.6 ounces daily and Milkmakers report that in at least one focus group 100% of moms reported positive results.  I am more of a skeptic as I have been serving nursing mothers since 1993 so I would say that you can't please all of the people all of the time, but the odds are definately in your f(l)avor!

Happy Snacking!


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