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Bigger Nursing Bra Size DD DDD F G and H Cup Sizes

For moms who are a  C, D or even DD cup, nursing bras are relatively easy to find; but if you are a larger cup size and in need of a DDD, F, G or H cup nursing bra things can get a little more complicated.  It is especially difficult if you never had to find larger bras or if you were wearing an incorrect bra size previously and did not not know that you needed a big nursing bra.

The first step is to make sure you are getting the size you need.  If you have been measured for a nursing bra, did the bra fitter take three measurements or just two?  If she did a measurement under the bust, over the bust and the fullest part of the bust you can presume you got a correct size or at least a good size to start your search as brands can differ.  If you only got two measurements, those measurements are meant to fit you for brands that don't normally come in F, G and H cup sizes so you may want to try again to get fitted for your size. You can do this at home as well if you follow these nurs…

World Breastfeeding Week & National Breastfeeding Month 2018 #WBW2018 #NBM18

August 1-7 is traditionally World Breastfeeding Week (#wbw2018), while the whole month of August National Breastfeeding Month (#nbm18) bringing awareness to breastfeeding benefits and to encourage breastfeeding in our nation and worldwide.

I love the above Support Breastfeeding banner and it's tag line:  Whenever.  Wherever.  However.  Breastfeeding should be celebrated whether done via supplemental lactation aid feeding tube, in tandem with multiples or siblings, with a single baby, through pumping breast milk at work or exclusinvely pumping and bottle feeding.

Not only should breastfeeding be encouraged however moms choose or are able to accomplish it, but we need to be educated about the benefits of long term breastfeeding.  Check out the Breastmilk Changes infographic below to see how breastmilk benefits infants and toddlers alike as it changes to meet the needs of your growing child.

Lactation Connection has been encouraging and supporting moms for 25 years which means some o…