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Breast Pump Comparison - Which Insurance Pump Should I Choose?

Moms often ask - "Of the pumps that are offered free with my insurance plan, which pump is my best choice?"  This is a great question because there are several factors to consider when choosing a breast pump.

Most importantly, hygiene needs to be considered when choosing a breast pump.  Is this a pump that won't contaminate my breast milk?  The answer is in whether it has an open or closed system.  Closed system pumps protect your milk from having dust or bacteria blown into the bottles while you are pumping.  The biggest offender in this area are the Medela pumps.  They do not offer a closed system and the Medela company does not comply with the codes set up by the World Health Organization so it is easy to rule this brand out.

The next consideration is the function.  Is it a double electric auto-cycling breast pump with at least 250mmHG which is milligrams of mercury, a measurement commonly used in measuring strength of suction. Most commonly infants do 220mmHG when th…