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How to Clean, Store and Dry Breast Pump Parts

Believe it or not, there is a wrong way and a right way to clean and store your breast pump parts.
Certain practices can actually damage your parts, increase your chances of a yeast infection and
make it difficult to pump comfortably.

Let's start with what NOT to do.

1.  Never, ever use a bottle brush on your bottles or breast pump parts.  Bristles on bottle brushes
can cause fine scratches and these micro grooves can harbor yeast spores.  And you don't want to know how many microbes of bacteria sponges have so using a bottle brush with a sponge tip is not the answer.  Your best defense is rinsing immediately after use, but if you did not get to it, use a clean paper or cloth towel and a spoon to push it around at the bottom if necessary.

2.  If using boiling water to sterilize, don't boil the breast pump parts as long as you boil the water.  The water should come to a boil first and then put the parts you are sterilizing in for just 3-5 minutes.
This not only helps you not…

Authentic Spectra Breast Pump Parts: How to Spot Genuine or Fake

If you have been to a lactation consultant or breastfeeding class, you will hear the importance of  maintaining your breast pump, especially if you are a working or exclusively pumping mother. So why spend a little extra on genuine breast pump parts?  Or another question we get is how can I tell if I am buying authentic Spectra parts?

1.  Buy from a reputable company and not one that has multiple sellers that they cannot control.  Companies like Lactation Connection have beens serving nursing mothers since 1993 so when you see a brand listed on their products, you can be assured that is the brand you are getting.  In addition, they work closely with the manufacturer, so if there is ever a warranty issue you are getting quick and accurate contact information and a liaison to help you get the items replaced if necessary.
2.  Examine your parts.  You will see the Spectra brand embossed on certain parts such as the Spectra breast shields and white duckbill Spectra valves.   The Spectra ba…

Which Breast Pump Should I Choose? | Breast Pump Comparison Chart

Recently I was asked to do a presentation for the professionals who support mothers at the Mother's Milk Bank of North Texas.  Like you, they were interested in which breast pump to choose or in their case to recommend as well as how to assemble and trouble-shoot.  I admire their efforts to help mothers and babies!

While putting together the presentation, I created this chart which I thought would be beneficial to moms looking for advice online.  This chart reflects the most commonly used breast pumps today including two used most often in hospitals,

There are a few main things you look for when choosing a pump provided by your insurance or to purchase.

1.  Closed system.  You want a pump that will not harbor dust or yeast spores and blow them back into your milk collection system.  Pumps that have a closed system have a barrier such as a backflow protector, diaphragm or filter.

2. Independent speed and suction controls.  It is not enough to have pre-progammed speed settings.  You…