Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Breastfeeding Essentials: Budget for Breastfeeding

     We all know that all you really need for breastfeeding is a boob and a baby, but I often get the question, "What do I need for breastfeeding?".   The answer is that it really depends on your situation and your budget.  Are you going to be working outside the home?  If you are mostly working in the home, do you have times that you need to be away from your baby for conferences, etc? 
     Formula costs about $150 per month so you budget for breastfeeding could be over $1000 and still be ahead, but most most do not spend that much.  If you work inside the home and are not separated from the baby, you can spend very little.
     The following is a checklist and depending on whether you are work at home mom or a mom who works outside the home, you will want to pick and choose the type of breast milk collection product you will need based on your situation.   I have been in the business of breastfeeding for 20 years and am very familiar with the major brands and products associated with breastfeeding so the product list below is one given with experience and based on what products I would buy for myself, my daughter or my daughter-in-law:
Nursing Pads
__2-3 packs of washable nursing pads
Breast Cream
__1 large tube of breast cream
Nursing Bras and Gowns
__2-3 quality nursing sleep bras
__2-3 daytime nursing bras with good support (non-underwire)
__2-3 nursing gowns
Breast Milk Collection and Storage
__1 quality double electric breast pump
__2-3 packs of breast milk bags
__3 packs of breast milk bottles for storage
     The best time to be fitted for a nursing bra is 3 weeks prior to delivery.  This is a great time to finalize your list and make sure your hospital bag is packed and ready.  Happy nurturing!

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