Friday, March 2, 2018

Troubleshooting: Breast Pump Replacement Parts for the Hygeia Breast Pump

If your Hygeia Breast Pump is not suctioning the way it used to, the culprit is usually one of two parts, the duckbill valve or the bacteriostatic filter.

The number one cause of low suction is a torn or worn out valve. The tip of the Hygeia duckbill valve must be able to close completely.  If it remains open, the amount of pressure your pump can provide is decreased.  As a rule, if you are pumping three times per day or more, replace duckbill valves every six to eight weeks at minimum.  If you are like most moms and you have multiple valves that you interchange and you notice a decrease in suction and want to determine which part needs to be discarded, switch to single pumping.  To do this, you will remove the tubing from one side and cover the opening with the port cover attached to the bacteriostatic filter.  Place the remaining breatshield still attached to the pump on one breast and test the suction.  If the nipple is being drawn in normally, remove the breast shield from your breast and remove the bottle from the breast shield.  Then remove and replace the duckbill valve to test the next one.  Continue to do this which each valve you have in your stash and discard any valves that are not performing well.  This way you don't use valves that may compromise your milk supply with inferior suction.

It is harder to visually determine when the Hygeia bacteriostatic filter needs to be replaced, but the rule of thumb is that whenever you replace a valve, replace the filter.  At the very least, if you are a working mother or an exclusively pumping mama, replace the filter every 2-3 months whichever comes first.  

Buying replacement parts is a small price to pay when the reward is a healthier milk supply.  Lactation Connection makes this easier with their subscription service.  With the Hygeia Replacement Parts Program, moms can choose to get parts delivered to you every 3 months for 2 shipments, 3 shipment or 4 shipments.  Each shipment arrives with free shipping and an option to add additional items that ship free along with your subscription in case you need more bottles, milk bags or any other breastfeeding supplies.  The subscription service takes the guesswork out of  replacing breast pump parts.  

During the month of March 2018 in honor of our 25th year in business, Lactation Connection has partnered with Hygeia to offer moms some exclusive deals.  We are really excited about the March Hygeia sale!  All Hygeia breast pumps and accessories products are 25% off, all month long with no coupon code needed.  Every order that includes Hygeia products during the month, will receive a free gift of a breastmilk storage guide magnet, samples of milk bags and nursing pads and a coupon for a future Hygeia order.  In addition, every mother who places any order at Lactation Connection during March 2018 has a chance to win a Hygeia Nursing Stool.  It is so simple!  If your order number ends in the number 25, you win and your stool will be shipped with your order.  That is a 1 in 100 chance of winning, so the odds are pretty great!

Best wishes for a healthy milk supply and good luck on winning a nursing stool!

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