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Breastfeeding Diet: Do Lactation Cookies Boost Milk Supply?

Breast milk supply is the number one issue on the minds of most nursing mothers and the busy working mom is no exception.  Whether she works in the office or from home, feeding everyone but herself is often an issue.

When considering milk supply, the first consideration is always supply and demand.  Are you getting the proper stimulation of nursing or pumping each day?  The average number of nursing or pumping sessions for a mom whose baby is under 6 months is 8 times per day, but often jumps to 11-12 times per day during typical growth spurt periods at 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months.  So if you are not getting at least 15 min of double pumping or 20 minutes of swallowing the number of times mentioned here, that is the first thing to fix.

The next is fairly simple.  It takes 500 extra calories per day to make milk.  If you choose to grab a candy bar for your extra calories, you are not doing yourself a favor as these empty calories will cause you to have less energy later on.  When you…

Breastfeeding Pain Diagnosis: Yeast Infection and Thrush

I would love to tell you that breastfeeding is always easy, but unfortunately that is not always the case.  When you look up the word tenacious (te·na·cious) in the dictionary, I picture the nursing mother who has been tried by the challenges that sometimes come with breastfeeding.

Today, I am addressing a challenge that literally tries a mom by fire, yeast infections.  Yeast on nipples often exhibits itself as a burning sensation and sharp shooting pains in the breast even in-between feedings.   If you have pain only during the feeding, you need to address the latch.  Yeast naturally occurs in our bodies, but the overgrowth of yeast often as a result of oral or IV antibiotics can be a real challenge.  The good news is that it is fairly easy to diagnose and curing the overgrowth is manageable, especially if you know how to avoid a recurring incidence.

Lets start with the diagnosis.  As I said, the mother with yeast will normally have burning sensation on her nipples and sharp shooting…

Pumpin' Pal - Getting the Most out of an Angled Breast Pump Flange Size

Finding the right breast pump flange size is your first concern when starting to pump, but as you continue to pump exclusively or for working and breastfeeding, investing in a more comfortable flange can help not only your body, but your baby's milk supply.  Pumpin' Pal Super Shields offer a multitude of benefits including:

Eliminating constriction of milk ducts that can be cause by traditional flangesPromoting better milk flowHelping prevent plugged milk ducts and mastitisReducing nipple irritationSaving mom from back aches caused by leading forward While Pumpin' Pal Super Shields are effective in most cases, you will want to know if and how they fit with your breast pump before you invest in these breast flanges.  Pumpin' Pal M-XL work best with breast pump brands that have two piece breast shields such as Medela, Lansinoh and Hygeia. Pumpin' Pal Small and X-Small include an adapter to work with two piece breast shields, but also fit into the following one piece br…